How To Immediately Reduce Your Toxic Exposures

Yes, we know we live in a toxic world, so what can we do to minimize our exposure?

The good news is, one of the environments we can most control is our home. Starting right at home, we can significantly reduce our exposure and therefore our risks from harmful agents.

Understanding how toxic burdens can affect our ability to fight off disease gives us another effective strategy to our ‘Be Well’ regime.

The following list is a great place to start easily eliminating our daily contact with harmful chemicals and toxins but is by no means conclusive.

Where to start?

1. Processed foods are loaded with artificial ingredients, transglutaminase, and polymer materials in packaging, all of which are the antithesis of anything organic or natural
2. GMO foods, eg. the seedless watermelon…not what mother nature intended!
3. Plastic water bottles
4. Storing foods in plastic and microwave cooking in plastic
5. Household cleaners, especially chlorine products as these break down into dioxin which is carcinogenic and damaging to the reproductive and immune systems
6. Skin care and make up
7. Many pharmaceutical and over the counter medicines
8. Garden chemicals
9. Wearing shoes in the house, eg. tracking in oil from parking lots

Exposures from a work place and/or social environments:

1. Hair dressers/ salon work
2. Any occupation where you handle or breathe chemicals eg. roofers, pool services,      landscaping
3. Nurses, dental or medical technicians, radiologists, mechanics
4. Golf courses spray a heavy artillery of herbicides and most are using GM grass seeds
5. Community gardens or common areas using chemical fertilizers, etc
6. Geo engineering aka chem trails and other air pollutions
7. Sports fields
8. Chlorine swimming pools
9. Dead air in high rise buildings and hotels with no fresh air ventilation

This level of toxic living is dramatically affecting our ability to stay healthy.

Flushing is the key to cellular function and health. It’s just like taking the garbage out; if you don’t, things begin to rot. Utilizing foods and supplements, as well as physical activity, to help stimulate the natural release of toxins and pathogens from our bio-terrain is a great strategy.

The days of no pain no gain are over when it comes to the amazing benefits of daily activity. And the really good news is, something is always better than nothing – so if just walking around the block is more than you’ve done in awhile, this simple movement can stimulate the lymph system and get the garbage moving out! No kidding.

Turning to the age old practice of using essential oils for the stimulation and support of our bodies cellular functions has been around for thousands of years.


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