Will Yourself Well – Using Hypnotherapy to Heal

It has been seen how the mind can control the body[2], its reactions and even its state of health and wellbeing – consider how a pediatric pulmonologist observed how a person with severe milk allergies could actually bring on an asthma attack simply by imagining the smell of cheeseburgers!

hypnotherapyClearly the mind is a powerful way to control the body, by using self control and concentration. Hypnosis and self hypnosis have worked where traditional interventions have not.

Hypnosis taps in the central nervous system which can impact blood circulation, digestion, breathing and even the immune response of the body.

A dermatologist found that it was possible for his patient to control inflammatory skin disorder using hypnosis – by suggesting to the body that healing is occurring, your body’s immune system can be made to respond in a way that will actually cause that healing to occur – imagining that their warts are freezing can actually cause those warts to disappear with physical treatment.

Even for those who are skeptical about the efficacy of self hypnosis as a method of healing and keeping diseases at bay, examining the possibility may make a lot of sense, particularly when there are such symptoms present which the pills seem unable to cure!

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