Clutter In Your Home – Clutter In Your Life

(BeWellBuzz) Are you living a life where you are neck deep with clutter? Well, you are not the only one. In our race to make the deadlines, many of us are overwhelmed and constantly striving to make the most of our limited time. We are supposed to accomplish whatever is expected out of us, at whatever cost it takes to materialize. The pressures on us are so high, and we are bound in so many stressful situations that we simply forget living the organized way!

Clutter Is Natural But Stressful

On our quest for greener pastures, we tend to produce and then accumulate a lot of junk and clutter. According to the author and physician Dr. Roberta Lee, when someone is entrenched in clutter the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ is secreted. This assertion is based on careful scientific study, and effectively means that clutter is one of the major sources for stress in our lives. Dr. Lee talks about ways to deal with stressful situations, and how you can ensure that junk and negativity do not pile up to spoil your life. Medical science has proven that you could actually “de-clutter” your home and increase positivity and productivity in your life.

What is De-Cluttering?

Anyone who has ever used windows operating system must be familiar with the terminology of “Defragmentation”, a process of getting rid of junk and organizing the important in a proper manner to ensure better performance.

De-cluttering is just a human variant of defragmentation. While Defragmentation speeds up the computer system performance, De-cluttering enhances our performance and productivity in our day-to-day activities. De-cluttering gets rid of the junk around us, helps us organize better and brings a positive change in our lives.

Why Do We Have So Much Clutter?

As we grow, our family expands, most of the time our home stays the same. As a result, we might face a problem that we do not have enough room. Then we start packing our garages to the roof (while keeping the car on the driveway), rent storage units and fill them with stuff that we might need one day, cramp up our attic to the point that we afraid to open it, but none of it will solve the problem as it’s never enough space. You have to remember that the more you cram into your living space the less room there is for energy to move, and more difficult it becomes to get anything done.

When there’s no room for anything new to come into your life, you tent to look back rather than forward in your life blaming the past for your current situation rather than taking responsibility for creating a better tomorrow.The distinction between the important and the unimportant gets vague, useful becomes harder to find swallowed by the ocean of useless. The outcome cannot be anything other than inefficiency and negativity. This situation calls for a remedial course of action, which is de-clutter our lives and get rid of all the trash around us.

How to De-clutter Your Home

You can actually increase your efficiency by getting rid of unnecessary things in your life, and that is what De-cluttering is all about. You can improve your output and productivity simply by sorting out you preferences regarding the important and not so important things in your life. The study of most productive people reveals one common factor, they are always better organized. Better organization is the core element and the very first step you need to take in order to improve the quality of your life.

What Are The Benefits of De-cluttering?

Getting rid off all the unnecessary things from your home ushers in great advantages to our lives, only a few of the numerous benefits are below:

  • Creates more space at our homes and workplaces.
  • Keeps our surrounding areas clean and tidy.
  • Toys and gadgets are properly placed.
  • Ensures safety for the kids and safekeeping of the equipment.
  • You are able to find things easily and use them efficiently.
  • Cleaning becomes much easier and quicker when done regularly.
  • Less rubbish around us means easier to clean and keep that way.
  • Health benefits of a clean environment.
  • Better maintenance of shoes and clothes.
  • Opportunity for Charity, by donating old stuff.
  • Chance to make some extra money by selling unwanted stuff.
  • Saving by not buying new stuff.
  • More peaceful environment. Less clutter, less stressful.
  • Kids and other members learn and adopt good habits.

De-Clutter And Increase Positivity In Your Life?

By eliminating the clutter from your surroundings; you are able to perform efficiently in personal as well as professional life. De-cluttering will definitely bring positive changes to your lifestyle and increase positivity in your life. You will have better health and a much positive frame of mind.

The more time you have due to being better organized, the more you will increase the quality of life for you and your family. You might have more money with you, by selling stuff and by not spending on new things. You can use this extra income to sponsor a leisure trip, or you can invest in profitable long-term ventures.

De-cluttering is undoubtedly an efficient and proven way of bringing in and then retaining positivity and accomplishment in your life.

Do Not Give Up!

De-cluttering is not hard to attempt, but you have to donate a few minutes a day to it, and make it a habit to gain maximum benefit in life. There may be times where kids or coworkers are hard to convince to adopt clutter-free life. However, with constant effort, the benefits will be evident to them, and they will tag along.

Our friend Kathi Burns is a professional organizer for over 10 years, featured in The Oprah Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, Good Morning America created an easy-to-follow course Home Organizing Made Simple™ to help you start living the life you always wanted.


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