You’ve Been Eating These Foods All Wrong!

Ever wonder how to cut some of your favorite fruits and veggies without getting your clothes stained or having juices drip down your elbows? Well, here’s a list of delicious gifts from Mother Nature that we’ve been cutting all wrong!

1. Mandarin Oranges

“I love how peeling an orange gives me sticky hands,” said no one, ever. Which is why we’re obsessed with this mess-free method. Just use a paring knife to slice off either end, cut a slit in the orange peel, and roll the whole thing out in a strip. We can’t say for sure if this method works with other varieties of oranges, but you can bet we’re going to try it.

how to cut mandarins

2. Pomegranates

If you’ve ever cut a pomegranate in half, then you know that it gets the job done – but there are some casualties along the way (R.I.P., cute T-shirt that got stained with pomegranate juice). Instead, use this technique. Cut a small cone out of the top of the fruit with a paring knife (so you’re removing the piece sticking out). Then slice a sliver off of the opposite end, lightly score each of the ridges that run from the top of the fruit to the bottom, and pull the whole thing apart. The seeds will come out easily with no mess.

how to cut pomegranate

3. Kiwis

Instead of getting your hands all sticky in order to enjoy this delicious fruit, try this instead – just cut them in half and then eat the insides with a spoon. Another fun thing to do with kiwis if you’re willing to do some advanced planning is freeze them and then eat them as push-pops.

how to eat kiwi

4. Mango

Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 4 Mango

5. Watermelon

Instead of slicing the melon into wide wedges that inevitably get juice all over your face and chin, cut the fruit (or any other melon) in half, then slice it in a grid. That will give you evenly sized slices that each have a bit of rind at the bottom to act as a convenient handle. The only tricky part is not eating a slice or two before guests arrive.

how to cut watermelon

6. Cake 

This technique will keep your cake nice and soft, even if you leave the cake in the fridge for a few days. Simply cut through the middle to stop leaving two sides out to dry.

Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 8 Cake

Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 8 Cake 2

Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 8 Cake 3

7. Limes

Cut into 4 pieces like so for maximum juice!
Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 10 Limes

8. Onions

Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 11 Onions

And don’t forget to be CREATIVE!
Find what works best for you and enjoy your fruits!

Foods You've Been Cutting Wrong 14 Creative


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