Understanding How DIM and Cruciferous Veggies Can Block Estrogen

Because high levels of estrogen in men can cause everything from enlarged prostates to enlarged breasts, it is important that men facing this problem not make it worse with their diet choices. Many foods can affect estrogen levels, but at the same time other foods can actually help to block estrogen as well. Certain over the counter supplements can also help block estrogen absorption in the body. It is important to know what the good estrogen blocking foods and supplements are so that you can begin to bring your hormones back into balance.

DIM Supplement Complexes

DIM also known as Diindolymethane is an amazing phytonutrient found in many vegetables that has a major effect on estrogen production and on estrogen absorption in the body. Because DIM is very similar to estrogen on a molecular level and because it reacts with enzymes within the body in a similar way, when DIM is introduced to the system it can actually override the estrogen activity in the body. It confuses the enzymes thus causing a decrease in estrogen absorption. The estrogen gets blocks while the DIM gets absorbed instead. The rate at which estrogen is absorbed by the body is called estrogen metabolism. DIM helps to slow or even to block the estrogen metabolism in men.

However, DIM Supplements are better if taken with a mixture of other aromatase inhibitors like pomegranate powder. DIM-XT is a DIM supplement that utilizes 5 known aromatase (estrogen blockers) inhibitors and testosterone boosters like tonkat ali. DIM-XT can be consumed in pill form and purchased over the counter. Because of its lack of negative side effects, DIM-XT is a great alternative to traditional hormonal treatment for men. Many people report having negative side effects after being treated with hormone corrective medications. These medications also require a prescription, whereas DIM supplements do not.

Eliminating Estrogen from Your Diet

In addition to taking a DIM supplement to correct estrogen dominance, consuming large amounts of cruciferous vegetables can also have a tremendous effect on estrogen levels. The reason for this is that the phytonutrient DIM is actually taken from cruciferous vegetables. This is where it was discovered. Keep in mind that eating cruciferous vegetables alone will not provide a high enough dose of DIM to have long term effects on your hormonal imbalance. However, in addition to taking a DIM supplement, eating large servings of these vegetables a day will have a twofold effect on your health. First it will help to bolster up the estrogen blocking effects of the supplement and second of all it will help you to lose the weight that is often associated with estrogen dominance. Many people also experience an increased amount of energy when they add more fresh vegetables into their diet.

Cruciferous vegetables are the dark green veggies that your mom begged you to eat as a kid. You should have listened to her. Broccoli, brussle sprouts, kale and turnip greens are all great sources of DIM as well as zinc and B-vitamins. Zinc and B-vitamins are both also important in combating estrogen dominance. Zinc can have a powerful effect of reversing some of the negative reproductive symptoms of estrogen dominance, and B-vitamins can help increase energy levels and improve mood.

Many people are deficient in these nutrients, because unfortunately, the cruciferous vegetables are the least popular of all vegetables. Many people simply do not have a taste for them. However, when you consider the huge impact these foods can have on your overall health, it would be well worth your time and effort to try and develop a taste for them.

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