Surprising Salt Lamp Benefits You Should Know

salt lamp benefits

The Himayalayan salt lamp benefits to your health are kind of incredible– they’re sure to surprise you.

(BeWellBuzz) The air we breathe affects our health in many ways. Unfortunately, today’s air is more polluted than ever. You can plant air purifying house plants or use a salt lamp to purify the air around you and enjoy the multiple health benefits that pristine air offers.

A salt lamp is made of a mass of crystal salt. The salt used in these lamps is generally procured from the salt mines found in Himalayan regions. A chunk of crystal salt is attached to a solid and stable base made of a durable material such as wood. A hole is made at the center of the base to provide necessary space for a light source. Himalayan salt lamps come with a power cord and plug that supply electricity to the light source installed in the lamp.

A salt lamp functions in much the same way as a regular lamp – that is, both need electricity to function. However, the two have vastly different effects on the environment. A regular lamp, like other electrical appliances, disrupts the balance of the surrounding air by releasing positive ions. Himalayan salt lamp, on the other hand, purifies the air by restoring the balance of positive and negative ions. Salt lamps come in different shapes and sizes. Some manufacturers also offer salt lamps in different colors. You can choose a salt lamp that is most appropriate for you.

The science behind salt lamps

People often ask, “Why should I buy Himalayan salt lamp when I can get a regular lamp at a cheaper price?” The truth is that the salt lamp and regular lamp are two different products and, as such, should not be compared. The latter’s only function is to provide light whereas the former, as you will see later on in this article, offers many important health benefits. Now that the aforementioned question is settled once and for all, let us focus our attention on the science behind salt lamps. Air contains both positive and negative ions. When the air is impure, the level of positive ions is more, or the balance between positive and negative ions is disturbed. Electronic appliances release positive ions into the surrounding environment and are one of the many causes of air pollution. Breathing in air loaded with positive ions can cause and/or precipitate various health conditions such as respiratory disorders (asthma), allergies, migraine headaches, insosalt lampmnia, and stress.

As mentioned above, salt lamps, which are enriched with negative ions, purify the air by restoring the balance of positive and negative ions. When the light source of a salt lamp is turned on, it warms the encompassing salt crystal and induces the release of negative ions into the air.

Health benefits that salt lamps offer

Himalayan salt lamp benefits are quite astounding and they should be in every household! It’s not only cleans the air we breathe but also can be useful in the treatment/prevention of the following conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Migraine
  • Anxiety
  • Sinus

Selecting an appropriate salt lamp

While purchasing a salt lamp, it is important to pay attention to its size. If you buy a salt lamp that is too small for your room, you may not get all the purported benefits. Given below is an estimate of the minimum size salt lamp you need for the corresponding room size:

  • 3-5 pound salt lamp for 8×8 sq. feet
  • 6-8 pound salt lamp for 10×10 sq. feet
  • 10-12 pound salt lamp for 12×12 sq. feet
  • 13-15 pound salt lamp for 14×14 sq. feet
  • 18-20 pound salt lamp for 15×15 sq. feet
  • 22-30 pound salt lamp for 16×16 feet
  • 32-40 pound salt lamp for 20×20 feet
  • 45-60 pound salt lamp for 25×25 feet

The above-listed information only denotes the minimum requirements. You can always use a bigger lamp for your room or install more than one lamp to get the maximum benefits.

Taking care of your salt lamp

A salt lamp is not a high-maintenance item. Nonetheless, it may sometimes require a little care. Here are a few tips that will come in handy if you are using salt lamps:

  • Turn on the lamp if the surrounding air is excessively humid to prevent it from becoming very damp. Salt lamps, by nature, absorb moisture from the air. In the case of excessive humidity, a salt lamp may absorb a lot of moisture and become very damp. This, in turn, can affect its performance.
  • Use your lamp at least once in a while to prevent your salt lamp from becoming damp otherwise.
  • If the salt lamp is damp, remove the moisture from the salt crystal before turning the lamp on. To do this, first unplug the lamp, remove the electrical unit, and then gently rub the salt crystal with a cotton towel.

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