Herbs & Natural Cures For Bladder Infection

The bladder is the place in the body where the urine is collected till the time it is disposed off. One of the most common health problem related with the bladder is the bladder infection caused due to bacterial infection. The bladder is inflamed in bladder infection. The most common symptom of bladder infection is frequent urination and bouts of pain while having sex. People with bladder infection also experience pain while urinating.

Home cures for bladder infection:
The medical experts will prescribe you with antibiotics to treat bladder infection. The antibiotics may cause some side effects. However, the following herbal cures and home remedies do not have any side effects and they are very simple to use. Home cures have been very popular in the past years and are also effective in curing bladder infection. Some of the most common home cures and herbal remedies for bladder infection are:

waterbottle1. Have more fluids: This is one of the best cures for bladder infection that works wonders. Having more fluids can help greatly in reducing the discomfort of bladder infection. People suffering from bladder infection are asked to drink lot of water throughout the day. The increase in fluids helps the body get rid of the infection through frequent urination. However, you are not advised to drink eight glasses of water in one go, have eight or more glasses of water throughout the day. The body has difficulty in absorbing large amount of water in one go.

2. Cranberry Juice: Having a glass of cranberry juice is extremely helpful in flushing off the infection from the body. If possible have freshly squeezed cranberry juice which is more nutritious else buy the tetra pack from the local market. Research has shown that cranberry is extremely effective in curing bacterial infection. As a matter of fact, if you have cranberry juice everyday then you can avoid recurring instances of bladder infection.

3. Yogurt: Have plain homemade yogurt to ease the symptoms of bladder infection. Most of us prefer to have sweet yogurt, however, the sugar in the yogurt is not much effective against bladder infection. Having plain sugarless and unflavored yogurt is known to be the best natural cure for bacterial infection of the bladder. Have one cup of plain yogurt everyday to treat the infection. Yogurt has good bacteria in it which is known as Acidophilus Bifidus, this good bacterium is helpful in eliminating the bad bacteria in the bladder.

4. Food and diet: Having a healthy diet will increase the immunity[1] which will help cure this infection at a faster rate. One must include more green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and fruits such as mango, pineapple and orange which are rich in vitamins. Have pomegranate juice as well as onion juice to cure bladder infection.

5. Herbal remedies: There are several herbs that have shown properties to cure this infection. Herbal cures are found to be extremely beneficial to cure bladder infection. The following herbs are antiseptic in nature and help stabilize the bladder functions: uva ursi, bilberry, Echinacea, goldenseal as well as lemon balm. Herbs such as Echinacea make the immune system[2] strong which is helpful in reducing the symptoms of bladder infection. The bilberry herb has antioxidants in it which helps to control the bladder infection.


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