Forget Alkaline Water

Everybody is jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon and I’m jumping off.

Let me explain why. The alkaline water machine DOES have it’s place, but not where you think. It’s the ACID water you should be using, not the alkaline – and NOT for drinking, but for washing your hands, body, hair and clothes. It’s great for disinfecting countertops, fruits and vegetables. I am not knocking the machine, just how it’s used. 

You see, skin is naturally acidic. So is any other part of your body that comes in contact with the outside world – sinuses, stomach, vagina and your whole digestive system, except for your mouth. (it can’t be acidic or your teeth would dissolve). That’s why the mouth is the dirtiest, most bacteria-infested part of your body. Why? Here’s the big shocker folks – ACID KILLS GERMS… and guess what – they thrive in an ALKALINE environment. Candida Albicans is a nasty yeast that is normally benign in your intestinal tract which is normally slightly acidic. But when it becomes alkaline, the candida goes crazy and starts mutating into it’s dangerous fungal form which grows tentacles called hyphae which spread throughout your body and organs.

Your skin is naturally acidic as a safety barrier for any germs you come in contact with. Soap is highly alkaline, which opens your skin to all kinds of problems. Even more important is the protection from what ENTERS your body. Your firewall is stomach acid- designed to kill anything that gets inside you. Like other body parts, your stomach acid serves many purposes. Without it for example, your body could not absorb silica, the key ingredient for making skin, hair, cells and everything else. Getting wrinkles and losing hair? I’ll bet your stomach acid is too weak. You also can’t absorb B12 without it. Most people in the modern world have very weak stomach acid, which results in all kinds of problems. They are no longer protected from bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, yeast and parasites.

One opportunistic invader causing a lot of problems is H. Pylori (helicobacter Pylori bacteria), a nasty corkscrew-shaped organism that literally drills itself into your stomach wall and starts emitting a powerful ALKALINE ammonia to neutralize the stomach acid so it can thrive. Did you hear that alkaline fans? The bacteria WANTS you to be alkaline so it can grow, leading to ulcers and possible deadly diseases. Our friendly probiotic intestinal flora (the “good” bacteria) on the other hand produces lactic and acetic ACID to make the gut more acidic to keep the candida yeast under control. Hmmm. Think about that. The good guys produce acid and the bad guys produce alkaline ammonia.

Acids are not bad. In fact, you couldn’t exist without them. Your entire body is made of Amino ACIDS. They make protein. They fuel things. They regulate stuff. Every bodily function you have and the 60 trillion cells are made of and are run by some kind of acid. Scientific tests have shown over and over that when a warm gooey wet environment like the inside of your body becomes somewhat alkaline, that bacteria, fungus, mold and parasites start to grow like crazy. And when the environment becomes acidic, the growth gene in Candida Albicans for example is shut off and it becomes dormant. There are many scientific references included at the bottom of this report if you want more proof.

Yes there are many promotional testimonials and “scientific proofs” given by the water machine companies and it’s advocates, but remember that whatever angle you look for, you will always find “proof” to back it up. So use your own common sense folks. Alkaline stuff neutralizes acidic stuff. Your stomach acid is acidic. I am NOT saying to drink acidic water. I just think staying natural is best. Don’t mess with nature. It’s perfect and you can’t improve perfection.

More and more people drinking alkaline water are starting to notice they are bloating more (candida yeast expanding), becoming mysteriously tired and getting hypoglycemic symptoms, and parasite infestations. It gets a little confusing when some people swear they got better from alkaline water – but I can almost guarantee you they were doing many OTHER health-oriented things also at the same time. Anyone serious enough to buy one of those machines is probably also experimenting with a much healthier diet and lifestyle than before, so it’s not necessarily the water making them better. Of course they want to validate the expensive purchase, so they convince themselves it was the machine, not the natural diet, detoxing, herbs, bowel cleansing and everything else they are doing.

Raw food is alkaline enough. Just go eat some arugula or watercress. It should be a relief to most people knowing they don’t have to spend a fortune to be healthy, especially in these times. The best water still seems to be good old spring water.

If you want to alkalize your body, just breathe deeper. It’s much cheaper.

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