Fluoride Side Effects: Is this tooth decay assassin killing more than cavities?

Having grown up in a world where fluoride has been touted as being a wonder substance that does nothing but benefit mankind, it may be a bit of a stretch to believe that there are actually some very negative fluoride side effects that do much more harm than good.

With entire nations adding fluoride to their water supplies, and entire industries built upon the supposed benefits of fluoride, though, it’s easy to understand why any negative publicity has been swept under the rug.

We are now living in the “Information Age” so we have access to the truth like never before. But it really is up to each of us to take action on the truths that we are learning about the world that we live in. I’m about to alert you to some very serious fluoride side effects that you may not have heard before. But once you know these truths it will be up to you to take action.

A Soul Killing Substance

While we all may not agree on the nature of the human soul, we can all certainly agree that there is some inherent part of our nature that makes us different from all other living beings. Many experts believe that the difference can be found by looking at our pineal glands.

This tiny gland is mysterious, but inquisitive minds are finding out more about it every day. And without getting too mystical in this article, though I do believe that the pineal gland is perhaps the most magical part of the human body, I will tell you that this gland is directly responsible for the production of the hormones melatonin and serotonin. Both of these hormones are directly related to your sleep/wake cycle and play an integral role in your overall sense of well being and happiness.

And this is what makes some of the dangerous fluoride side effects so noteworthy. Studies indicate that fluoride doesn’t just ward off tooth decay, but actually calcifies the pineal gland. Yes, it basically takes living, neural tissue and – over time – turns it into a crystallized, low or non-functioning mass in your head. With just this information in mind, is it really any wonder that so many people have to medicate themselves just to get a few hours of sleep every night?

And isn’t it curious that since fluoride has basically been pushed on the masses that so many people suffer from depression, lack of creativity and an overall feeling of impending doom?

If the pineal gland – which Descartes called the “seat of the soul” is being slowly but surely crystallized and rendered useless, it only serves to follow that all of the good it does for our mental and physical well being is being diminished little by little, every time we brush with fluoride toothpaste or drink tap water permeated with this substance. This is chief among all of the fluoride side effects that should give everyone a jolt to rid their lives of fluoride once and for all.

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