This Eye Test App Is Just As Accurate As Your Optometrist!

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The eye test app for your smartphone, Peek, was found to be as reliable as standard paper-based charts in traditional eye clinics. This post from The Telegraph unveils Peek and discusses how it works.

Using a smartphone app to test eyesight is just as accurate as the traditional sight charts, a study suggests.

The Portable Eye Examination Kit, or Peek, has been designed and developed the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the University of Strathclyde and the NHS Glasgow Centre for Ophthalmic Research.

Research published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology showed that the results from the app tests were as reliable as those from standard paper-based charts and illuminated vision boxes in an eye clinic.

The eye tests are designed not to be dependent on familiarity with symbols or letters used in the English language, and instead feature a “tumbling E” on the screen, showing the letter E in different orientations.

From a distance of two metres away from the smartphone, the patient points in the direction they perceive the arms of the E to be pointing and the tester uses the touch screen to swipe accordingly on the screen.

“With most of the world’s blind people living in low-income countries, it is vital we develop new tools to increase early detection and appropriate referral for treatment,” said Dr Andrew Bastawrous, lead author of the report and co-founder of Peek.

Dr Bastawrous, who is a lecturer in International Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, added that mobile phones are widespread in low-income countries, maing them an ideal platform” for eye tests.

Tests carried out in 233 patients’ homes found that Peek Acuity software produced results which were equivalent to the much larger and more expensive standard electricity dependent chart.

“In this study we aimed to develop and validate a smartphone-based visual acuity test for eyesight which would work in challenging circumstances, such as rural Africa, but also provide reliable enough results to use in routine clinical practice in well-established healthcare systems,” Dr Bastawrous said.

“Our ultimate hope is that the accuracy and easy to use features of Peek will lead to more people receiving timely and appropriate treatment and be given the chance to see clearly again.”

Source: App to test eyesight ‘as accurate’ as traditional sight charts, study suggests – Telegraph

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