Exercise to Fight Cancer

It is no mystery that physical activity promotes a healthier life. Longevity, endurance, and less stress are just three examples of a long list of the benefits associated with a regular exercise routine.

Exercise to Fight Cancer

Yet, recent studies have reported that over 50 percent of Americans are not exercising enough. This is the real mystery about physical fitness, and it is one case where you should not be part of the majority. If people need an extra incentive, here are some ways that exercise can prevent and battle cancer.

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Cancer is a feared disease and can strike all ages at any time. Since forms of cancer can be developed in people of all fitness levels, it has become important to do everything possible to lower the risks. Besides avoiding harmful substances and maintaining a balanced diet, physical activity is necessary in preventing cancer, as well as many other diseases.

When the body is active, all of its functions are more equipped to protect you from threats. The immune system is boosted and can work efficiently to fight illnesses and diseases. However, a sedentary lifestyle prohibits muscles and joints from the essential movement they need to stay healthy. This leads to atrophy, reduced levels of efficiency, fatigue, and even obesity.

Excessive fat can make it easier for cancerous cells to spread. Regular exercise has been shown to prevent colon cancer by generating an overall balance of energy. Hormone metabolism and insulin are regulated through activity and the colon has less exposure to carcinogens.

Exercise also lowers hormonal levels and insulin in women to prevent the formation of breast cancer tumors. Plus, weight management is much better with an active lifestyle, helping women to avoid high body mass, another potential cause of breast cancer. Along with colon and breast cancer, exercise can lower the risk of endometrial cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.


As described above, physical activity lessens fatigue and balances energy; two huge factors in surviving cancer. It makes sense that staying in the same physical condition that might have caused the cancer will only make it worse. So, it is highly recommended to participate in moderate to intense activity in order to feel better and stay as healthy as possible.

The side effects of treatments for breast cancer might cause women to gain weight. Again, being at an unhealthy weight gives cancer the chance to spread. In general, a cancer patient is understandably limiting their physical activity for a variety of reasons. They might not be feeling as motivated or they could be going through the psychological aspects of the disease, such as depression, etc.

But a cancer patient needs to improve the quality of their life and make sure that they feel their best. An exercise program that is designed by the patient and their doctor is an excellent way to achieve both goals. Right now, research is being conducted to determine the link between exercise and cancer survival rates. In the completed studies, the people who were active had a greater chance of survival and recovery.






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