Does Drinking More Water Make It Easier to Stay Healthy?

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Drinking water remains a low-cost, easy way to look & feel better, but how much of an impact does it have on weight loss efforts? This post from shares insights from experts.

Like many people, Carmen Electra made a change for the new year, one she says changed her body overnight, made her skin healthier, helps her feel fuller and keeps the weight off. And, the best part — it’s so easy anyone can do it.

What did the actress host of “Ex-Isle” do?

She started drinking water.

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“Water is generally a good thing for Carmen Electra or anyone,” said Dr. David Geier, a sports medicine expert and orthopedic surgeon in Charleston, South Carolina. “Water is thought to have a rejuvenating property because all the cells in your body need [water].”

Electra’s right about her skin looking better; being dehydrated makes skin look sallow, and it also makes the appearance of wrinkles more obvious.

“Keeping skin healthy is making sure it is properly hydrated,” said Leslie Bonci, a nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice. “Part of the function of water is to plump up the cells.”

So water’s a must-have for radiant skin, but what about Electra’s other claims?

There are several studies that find drinking a glass or two of water before a meal helps people feel fuller and eat less, says Julie Andrews, a registered dietitian at University of Wisconsin Health in Madison.

“Water takes up space in your stomach and it definitely makes you feel more full,” she said. “The other thing, too, we all have that sensation of hunger and thirst and sometimes they are easily confused. When you feel hungry sometimes you need water.”

Though, people don’t always need to drink eight glasses of water a day and whether it’s cold or warm won’t make a huge difference. It’s all based on individual preferences.

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While water alone won’t necessarily help people lose weight, drinking enough will make it easier for people to stay healthy. Being hydrated boosts energy and aids digestion, preventing bloating.

“Drinking more water can help a little bit, but obviously a healthy, balanced diet and exercise have to be [a part of weight loss],” said Andrews.

That said, water still remains an inexpensive, easy way to look and feel better.

“When we feel hydrated we actually allow our bodies to work more efficiently,” said Bonci. “[It’s] one of the secrets to being in good health.”

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