The Choice Of Happiness

Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between health and happiness. Researchers have discovered that being happy improves your health and can actually increase your life expectancy. On the flip side, it’s been proven that people who are chronically angry, pessimistic, and depressed, not only enjoy life less, but tend to have higher disease rates and a shorter lifespan.

Now, I know happiness isn’t a magic bullet, that sometimes happy people can still get illnesses, have problems, and face big challenges, but with all the evidence already supporting the benefits of being happy, how can you afford not to be? Some of you might be thinking that happiness is just a feeling. That you’ll become happy when you achieve a certain goal, make a larger amount of money, get a better job, or get find your perfect partner. But, the truth is happiness is not a feeling – it’s a conscious choice. It’s a state of mind and we can ALL choose to be happy.

Sadly, so many of us get bogged down by unhappiness and it can become all-consuming and effect every aspect of our lives. This is exactly what happened to Katherine Murray, the fictional heroine, in my recently released book, Never In Your Wildest Dreams. As the author, I wanted to take the reader on a journey that they could relate to by drawing on my own personal experiences while I was striving for success.

Never In Your Wildest Dreams is a transformational story that will help you tap into your hidden gifts and create a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity, just like I did. Follow Katherine as she learns life-altering secrets that turn her dreams into reality, almost overnight. One of the keys to Katherine’s immediate success was an “A-ha!” moment, when she realizes that she is in complete control of her life and her happiness. Almost a mantra, she starts repeating to herself “I choose to be happy!” and it begins to change her outlook on life.

Think about it, what have you got to lose by choosing to be happy? As Katherine soon finds out – you can lose a life of struggle and strife. Making the switch from unhappy to happy isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some quick tips for finding your happy place and becoming healthier in life today!

Be Aware

Take responsibility for your happiness. Be aware of what that means to you by identifying your core values. Knowing your highest priorities and the guiding principles behind your beliefs, how you express yourself, and who you want to be going forward, is a huge driving force in your life.

ACT NOW: Do some soul searching and make a list of your top five core values. Put them in order of importance. Tweak your goals to make sure they align with your values and keep this in mind as you move forward in life. You’ll have a much easier time making decisions and being happy with having a clear direction where you are headed.

Be Grateful

Take a moment each day to reflect on what you are thankful for and be present in the moment. Appreciate your life and think about what you already have. As you identify all the things you are grateful for, you’ll start to raise your vibration and attract new positively-charged people and opportunities!

ACT NOW: Begin a Grateful Journal by recording at least 5 things you are thankful for every day. Keep the journal by your bed and fill it in each night and you will soon have a completely new perspective. You’ll actually find yourself being more aware of all the blessings in your life and attracting more abundance as each day passes.

Be Positive

As you feel more grateful, you’ll soon see this spilling over into the form of being a more positive person. Let go of the negativity. Let go of the blame. Let go of the stress. Feed yourself with positive language and thoughts. Create positive affirmations – trust me, they are incredibly powerful.

ACT NOW: Start writing your goals down on post-it notes and put them on your mirror or somewhere you’ll see them every day. Think about exactly how it will look and feel to achieve your goal – visualize it. Better yet, create a Mind Movie, which is a digital vision board. Then, commit to watching it every day. This will reinforce your positive thoughts and keep you focused on what you want to accomplish.

Be Giving

One of the biggest secrets to attracting great things into your life is being generous with what you have.

ACT NOW: Pay it forward!

If you feel overwhelmed right at first, try focusing on just one area of your life where you will choose to be happy, no matter what. Then, take it a step further by visualizing exactly what you want to happen in that area of your life. Soon, you’ll begin to see your desires manifest.

When was the last time you made a conscious choice to be HAPPY – no matter what? Stop blocking your ability to achieve success in your life – start by choosing to be happy and reading Katherine’s story!

Never In Your Wildest Dreams

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