Benefits of Cranberry Juice

cranberry Cranberry juice is extremely good for the health. It is primarily grown in USA and has been used as a healthy fruit for its medicinal properties for a very long time. The juice of this fruit has also been used to dye fabrics since ages. This juice has been used for its yummy flavor and its health benefits world over. Now, it has been proven that this fruit is exceptionally good for the female health.

The health benefits of Cranberry Juice for women are:

1. Urinary Tract Health:This is the most significant benefit of cranberry juice, it helps cure and avoid the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice is diuretic in nature and helps elimination of wastes from the body. The cranberry juice helps in avoiding the attachment of scherichia coli to the walls of the bladder which is helpful in quick removal of bad bacteria along with the passing of urine. Cranberry juice is extremely potent against urinary tract infection; a glassful of this juice is what you need.

2. Detoxification:Regular detoxification of the body helps restore the shine on the skin, which is what everyone woman want. Cranberry juice is extremely helpful in flushing out the toxins from the body with come in the way of natural detoxification[1] of the body. Cranberries are rich in Vitamin C[2], Vitamin K, Vitamin A, fiber, manganese as well as potassium. On the plus side cranberry juice is extremely low in calories so no weight gain problem. Cranberry juice is gained lot of importance these days amongst women, if you have not started having it every day, now is a good time to start.

3. ENT troubles:Cranberry juice is rich in anti bacterial as well as anti adhesion properties which is good for the health of your ear nose and throat. A research established that the bacteria responsible for ENT infections are unable to stick to cells in the mouth if cranberry juice is consumed regularly. This helps in avoiding any occurrence of mouth infections and also promotes the health of close by organs.

4. Antioxidants:Cranberries have horde of antioxidant properties which is good for health in general. Having cranberry juice reduces the risk of many kinds of cancers. This is good for the female health as it reduces the risk of breast cancer.

5. Better dental health:This health benefit makes the use of cranberry juice all the more important. Research has established that cranberry juice is rich in substances that stop the growth of bacteria responsible for plaque, cavities as well as periodontal ailments. The calcium content found in this juice is extremely helpful in maintaining dental health.

6. Fights heart ailments:Polyphenolic compounds and flavenoids present in this juice helps in reducing the low density oxidation of lipoprotein which helps in reducing the risk of heart ailments. Cranberry juice helps in improving the flow of blood to the heart and in the body. Reducing the oxidation by having cranberry juice helps in reducing the risks of heart problems.

7. Anti cancerous action:[3]Women all across the world are becoming prone to breast cancer as well as other types of cancerous formations. Cranberry juice has cancer killing abilities thus it is really good in cutting down the risk of getting any form of cancer[4].

8. Kidney stones:Cranberry juice has been known to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones[5].

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