Using the Alexander Technique to Resolve a Bad Posture

Consider the typical day in a typical working individual’s life – most of the day spent at a desk perhaps hunched working over a computer; a sedentary, inactive day that does nothing for the posture. A bad posture leads inevitably to aches and pains, and often to some more significant problems as well.

alexander techniqueThe Alexander technique can help resolve a bad posture[2] and can also help reduce the aches and pains associated with this. The Alexander technique seeks to educate people and make them more self aware of the body rather than trying to effect a ‘cure’.

The technique involves gentle manipulation and a tutoring in simple movements; even things as basic as how to get in and out of a chair.

A person is encouraged to relax and to use one’s imagination effectively to bring about positional change and an improvement in the body; that results ultimately in a better posture and less pain and discomfort.

The theory of ‘muscle memory’ comes into play here, to re-educate the body to do things differently and move differently. The results could mean seemingly enhanced body height due to a better posture, improved poise and improved relaxation.

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