Create the Life of Your Dreams by Adding Space To Your Life

Your ability to embrace change and create the life of your dreams has a direct correlation to the amount of clutter in your home. This might sound a bit strange but as a Professional Organizer, I see the direct correlation between clutter and change every day.

Many of us are stuck where we are in life because we are afraid of things changing. We are not sure what will happen when changes are made and we have a strong fear of the unknown. This fear is such a strong force that it outweighs that desire to eliminate the source of our discomfort.

Maybe we are in a bad relationship but are worried that we will never find another partner. We hate our job, but with the job market being the way it is right now, we keep going to work with dread. Even though our house might be overflowing to the extent that we can’t even fit the car into our garage, it is often easiest to simply park it in the driveway.

To keep things as they are right now, we continue on the same path we have trudged over for years, sometimes even literally trudging over our own junk and clutter every day.

People who are not afraid of change are the ones who are less afraid of the unknown. They decide to dump the useless partner even if they don’t know when and if they will meet someone else. They decide to begin reinventing their career even though the job market is volatile.

They do not ask themselves ‘what happens if I need that later?’ They say instead, ‘well, if I need it, I need it I will figure out how to get it later.’ They do not make decisions or avoid making decisions because they are afraid. They are the folks who know innately that everything works out in the long run. If they really do need ‘it’ later, the universe will provide and they will get it easily, exactly when they need it.

Do you see why being afraid of the unknown keeps you stuck? Do you also understand why people who are afraid of the unknown frequently stockpile useless possessions to the point of crowding themselves out of their own home?

The good news is this. If you are one of the many who are afraid of change, there is an easy way to diminish your fears. Begin by letting go of your excess. Yes, I am literally talking about possessions.

To make deep and positive changes in your life, begin with the process of eliminating the clutter in your home. Start wherever you feel most comfortable. As you learn how to let go of items on the surface of your home, you will be able to work your way up to the more difficult areas in your life. For starters, perhaps you can donate the old coffee machine you have stored in the garage, just in case your new one breaks down. Or maybe it is the toolbox with 5 identical screwdrivers stashed inside. Start anywhere you can. It doesn’t matter where you start, simply start.

The ability to change with ease and grace can be developed through the conscious act of letting go.  Letting go is a muscle that needs exercise. The more you use it, the more you will eliminate the fear of the unknown in your life. As Plato said, the only thing constant in life is change, so why fight it? Instead, learn how to embrace change and create the life of your dreams by practicing the art of letting go and adding more space to your life!

Home Organizing Made Simple is an online course, and I will personally guide you step-by-step as you clear out your useless clutter and jetapult forward to creating the life of your dreams.

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