3 hidden memory-destroying triggers

By Robert J. Rowen, M.D.

If your memory is not what it used to be, you may have one or more of these 3 factors. Here’s the latest scientific research on how to undo the damage, and get your memory back in as little as 30 days.

Many of us joke about “senior moments.” But when they start happening to you more often, they’re not funny at all. Instead, they’re frustrating, embarrassing, and perhaps even worrisome.

For example, do you ever walk into a room — and forget what you went in to get? Run into someone you haven’t seen lately — and can’t recall their name? Misplace your glasses or your house keys?

It’s ironic. Just when you’ve got all this wisdom and experience under your belt, your brain is no longer “old reliable.” You never know when it’s going to trip you up, frustrate you, embarrass you, or make you wonder if you’re starting to lose your marbles.

The good news is, scientists
just discovered what causes
these frequent memory lapses—

and how to stop them fast…

Researchers at Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Duke, UCLA, and other top universities recently discovered three hidden triggers that cause frequent memory lapses and mental decline. They’re the missing link scientists have been seeking for years!

And thanks to a new breakthrough, it’s now possible to switch off these hidden triggers—and even reverse years of brain aging. That means you can enjoy a “steel trap” memory, crystal-clear thinking, and laser-like focus—in just 30 days or even less.

It all starts with reversing this first hidden trigger…

Hidden trigger #1
Your brain wiring is going haywire

You know what it’s like to forget a name, misplace your keys, or lose your train of thought. Now scientists know why these memory lapses happen: they’re due to a common brain-wiring snafu that starts in middle age.

This brain-wiring snafu makes it harder to send vital messages from one part of your brain to another. Somewhere along the line, they get hopelessly lost. And suddenly, you can’t remember for the life of you where you parked your car.

So what makes your brain wiring go haywire? Scientists believe it all has to do with the white matter that protects nerves, called myelin.

Myelin is like the rubber that covers electrical wires. If the rubber wears down and the wires become exposed, they fray and become damaged. Once this happens, they don’t conduct electricity as well.

The same thing happens with myelin in your brain. Myelin protects your nerves, so messages can travel along them without getting corrupted, scrambled, or diverted along the way. But the problem is, myelin starts to wear out as you get older.

According to UCLA researchers, as myelin deteriorates, nerve fibers begin to fray. These frayed nerves don’t transmit messages as well. As a result, you become more and more forgetful.

But that’s not the only reason your

memory begins to fail you…

To add insult to injury, you also produce fewer neurotransmitters as you age. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals needed to promote memory, enhance learning, and calm your mind so you can concentrate. They’re the fuel your brain needs to run.

When the myelin in your brain starts to wear out, you produce fewer neurotransmitters. That’s because you only make these vital brain chemicals whenever a brain cell receives a message. If your brain cells aren’t receiving messages due to worn-out myelin, you’re not going to make enough neurotransmitters.

This means you’re stuck with worn-out myelin AND a deficiency of neurotransmitters, often by the time you hit middle age. So what does this cruel combination do to your memory and thinking?

Harvard researchers prove
“double whammy” effect

Harvard University researchers wanted to look at the effects of these brain-wiring changes. So they studied a group of younger and older adults between the ages of 18 to 93. They had the adults perform various tests on memory, thinking, and learning.

But that’s not all. The researchers also took pictures of the people’s brains using a test similar to an MRI. They found the older adults had more myelin damage and fewer neurotransmitters than the younger adults did.

So not surprisingly, the older adults’ brains didn’t transmit messages as well. This explains why they didn’t score as high on the memory tests as the younger adults.

If you want to stay mentally sharp as you age, it’s crucial to maintain healthy myelin and produce plenty of neurotransmitters. I’ll tell you how you can do both in a moment. But first, let me tell you about another brain change that affects your memory…

Hidden trigger #2
Your brain is getting slower by the minute

Senior moments are bad enough. But you may also have noticed you’re more easily distracted. Perhaps your mind wanders when someone is talking, or you can’t stay focused on what’s in front of you.

A group of researchers decided to look at why people get more distracted as they age. So they took a group of young adults aged 18 to 30, and a group of older adults aged 60 to 77.

Each person performed a simple memory test—with a twist: while the memory test contained information to help people complete a mental task, it also contained information meant to be distracting.

The researchers found that the younger adults had no problems blocking out this irrelevant information. But the older adults had a harder time not being distracted by it, or couldn’t block it out at all. So they didn’t do as well on the test.

When the researchers looked at why the older adults couldn’t block out this information, they made a surprising discovery. The older adults’ brains were slightly slower than the younger adults’ brains, by about 200 milliseconds.

The difference is very slight, but it’s all it takes to weaken your memory and focus. Just a fraction of a second can interrupt a memory in the making—whether it’s forgetting what you walked into a room to get, or what you were about to say. And there’s one more hidden trigger that speeds up brain aging…

Hidden trigger #3
Your brain is under constant attack
from free radicals

Long before you start to notice memory lapses or trouble focusing, other changes are happening in your brain. These changes are due to decades of exposure to free radicals and other toxins. 

As you may know, free radicals are unstable molecules that damage your body. It’s as if they rust out your brain. Over time, this build-up of brain rust damages your cells. It can also cause dangerous amyloid plaques to form in your brain.

This brain rust also destroys mitochondria, the energy-producing power plants in your cells. As a result, your brain doesn’t make enough energy to work efficiently. This makes your brain slow down even more.

What’s worse, you’re also exposed to heavy metals and toxins like lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, pesticides, and others that poison your brain and speed up mental decline. And studies show the damage from these toxins begins years before you notice any symptoms.

You can see how even a normal, healthy person can’t avoid the natural consequences of aging on the brain. Your brain wiring doesn’t work as well as it used to…your brain gets slower…and decades of free radicals attacking your brain begin to take their toll. 

But now there’s an easy way to correct this brain-wiring snafu, make your brain work faster, and undo the damage done by free radicals and toxins.

Announcing a new breakthrough that makes your brain perform like it did before you hit middle age

My name is Dr. Robert J. Rowen, and I’m a practicing M.D. I’m also editor of the popular health advisory Second Opinion.

For years, my patients and readers have asked me for a solution to their memory problems. I’ve always recommended a healthy diet and regular exercise. But there are now dozens of exciting studies that show several cutting-edge nutrients can make a dramatic difference.

I wanted to find a supplement I could recommend that contained these powerful nutrients. I looked at dozens of memory supplements on the market. But when I compared their formulas to recent studies, all of them fell short. They were either out-of-date, left out some of the most important ingredients, or skimped on potencies.

That’s why I decided to create my own formula—called Advanced Memory Formula—based on the latest brain research. I also wanted a formula I could take myself to keep my mind razor-sharp.

I knew this supplement would
boost my brainpower…
but I didn’t expect it to work so quickly!

Like many people, I rely on my brain for a living. Yet I know my myelin starts to wear out as I age. If I do nothing, my brain will slow down. And I can’t avoid exposure to free radicals.

So I decided to take Advanced Memory Formula myself every day. I also wanted to personally “test drive” the formula to see if it did what I thought it was going to do.

Not long after I started taking it, I began to notice a difference. After just a few months, I began remembering names more easily—something I’d always had trouble with!

Many of my patients and readers who take this supplement also report excellent results. That’s because Advanced Memory Formula helps you reverse the three hidden triggers for mental decline I just told you about.

That’s right, you can stop the damage and even undo it. This means you can make your brain perform like it did before you hit middle age. No other supplement I’ve seen does this! Here’s how it works…

Fixes brain wiring so you dramatically
improve your memory

I explained earlier how the myelin in your brain begins to wear out and you don’t produce enough neurotransmitters as you age. These changes affect your brain wiring and lead to memory loss, fuzzy thinking, and brain fog.

But now scientists have discovered three powerful nutrients that put your brain wiring back on track. These nutrients actually rebuild worn-out myelin and increase your production of neurotransmitters! You get all three of these nutrients in Advanced Memory Formula.

The first nutrient is similar to L-Carnitine, an amino acid that boosts energy production in your body’s cells. It’s called Acetyl L-Carnitine, or ALC for short. 

While L-Carnitine energizes and supports your heart, ALC does the same for your brain. That’s because ALC crosses the blood-brain barrier and gets into your brain cells. It also repairs damaged mitochondria, which helps your brain work more efficiently.

But here’s what’s really amazing about ALC. It actually…

Rebuilds worn-out myelin and
stops brain aging in its tracks

That’s right, research shows ALC rebuilds worn-out myelin. This means your brain can send messages more easily so you feel quicker on your feet…even if you’ve already started to notice memory problems.

In fact, Stanford University School of Medicine did a study of 334 adults—all of whom were suffering from serious mental decline. Researchers were stunned by the results.

Those adults taking ALC became less forgetful and showed fewer signs of mental decline than those taking a placebo. That’s pretty incredible for people already suffering from serious memory problems.

In spite of this study and many more like it, supplement makers often skimp on this crucial nutrient or leave it out completely. But I made sure I included ALC in Advanced Memory Formula. And it’s in a potency that can make a dramatic difference in your memory and focus.

Now let me tell you about another nutrient you get in this formula that helps your brain produce more of the neurotransmitters you need to stay sharp…

Restores lost neurotransmitters
for a steel-trap memory

Starting in middle age, your brain begins to make fewer neurotransmitters. One of these neurotransmitters is acetylcholine. You need acetylcholine so you can remember what you walked into a room to get…find your misplaced car keys…or learn someone’s name and recall it later.

To make acetylcholine, your brain needs a nutrient called choline. But you don’t get as much choline to your brain as you get older, since your body has a harder time breaking it down and using it. So you often end up with a choline—and acetylcholine—deficiency.

The good news is, when you increase the amount of choline that gets to your brain, it has a dramatic effect on your memory. In a recent study involving adults ages 50 to 80, people who took choline reported having HALF as many “senior moments”—such as forgetting names or losing things—as before. What’s more, they saw this dramatic improvement in just 5 weeks or less!

Choline is so powerful at boosting your body’s production of acetylcholine, research suggests it can create the equivalent of a “super brain,” with long-lasting effects. A Duke University study showed that giving choline to rats produced vastly superior brains with more neuronal connections. The rats demonstrated increased learning ability and better memory recall, both of which lasted into old age.

How to give yourself a “super brain”
in 5 weeks or less

You can take choline in supplement form, but it often has a fishy smell or taste to it. That’s why I recommend a better form of choline that doesn’t have this fishy smell or taste. What’s more, it gets into your brain much more easily than pure choline.

This better absorbed form is Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine, or Alpha-GPC. I included the ideal amount in Advanced Memory Formula. When you take Alpha-GPC, your brain starts producing more acetylcholine almost instantly. In no time, your mind can feel as crisp and clear as it did decades ago!

Over 20 studies involving more than 5,000 patients have shown repeatedly that Alpha-GPC increases alertness, boosts learning, and revitalizes mental performance. What’s more, studies show it can even improve memory and mental clarity in people with severe mental decline.

If Alpha-GPC can have such a dramatic effect in these serious cases, imagine what it can do if you’re simply putting up with occasional forgetfulness and brain fog. Before long, your friends and family will marvel at your steel-trap memory!

Click here to increase your memory, mental clarity and brain function!

Now let me tell you about another nutrient in Advanced Memory Formula that helps your brain perform as if you were years younger…

Filters out distractions and calms frazzled nerves

If you often can’t remember what you went to the grocery store for or have a hard time staying focused, it could be because your brain isn’t making enough GABA.

GABA is a crucial neurotransmitter that calms your mind and filters out distractions. When you don’t make enough of it, your thinking gets cloudy and you have trouble concentrating.

The good news is, you can easily boost your body’s production of GABA with a natural herb. This herb is called bacopa monnieri, or bacopa for short.

As I’ve explained, it’s entirely possible to ward off the three hidden triggers for mental decline and even reverse them. By taking Advanced Memory Formula each day, you’ll harness the power of the latest nutritional research to give your brain maximum support and undo the damage done.

When you take this breakthrough formula, it’s like turning on a switch and having a light go on. Neurons in your brain start communicating better…your brain response speeds up…and you have an army of defenders protecting your brain!

Put the power of 7 to work to get the fast, lasting results you want

This cutting-edge formula gives you the seven most powerful, well-researched nutrients known to boost mental performance and protect your brain health as you age, including…

#1: Acetyl L-Carnitine(ALC)—to rebuild worn-out myelin so you can stop brain aging and feel quicker on your feet;

#2: Alpha-GPC—to boost your brain’s memory fuel and reduce senior moments;

#3: Bacopa—to improve your brain’s ability to ignore distractions and banish stress;

#4: Phosphatidylserine(PS)—to replenish cell membranes and cut 12 years off your brain age;

#5: Vinpocetine—to get more oxygen to your brain for sharper memory and mental acuity;

#6: Blueberry—to clear away brain rust and boost memory and learning; and

#7: Gingko biloba
—to energize your brain and speed up mental performance.

You’ll love the convenience of getting these seven powerful nutrients in one, easy-to-swallow tablet, in a form that’s easily absorbed by your body. Plus you’ll save money since this formula is such an excellent value.

Other memory supplements that cost the same or more shortchange you on potencies—or leave out crucial nutrients. But I’ve made sure I included all of the most effective memory-boosting nutrients shown to work in studies—in the same or similar potencies to bring you results! 

I wouldn’t recommend this supplement if I didn’t believe it offers you the most powerful solution available for improving your memory. Remember, I take Advanced Memory Formula myself and recommend it to patients, so I made sure it’s the best.

I also made sure you get only the highest-quality ingredients and most effective nutrient forms in Advanced Memory Formula. Studies show these nutrients can help you enjoy sharper memory and focus in as little as 3 weeks!

Why wait to enjoy life-changing memory
improvements like these?

I’m confident Advanced Memory Formula can bring you fast, lasting results. Imagine being able to…

… remember the names of people you meet or haven’t seen in a while with ease;

… find your car keys, eyeglasses, and other objects without wasting hours on frustrating searches;

… keep your conversations on track, without forgetting what you’re going to say next;

… stay focused for hours while working on a hobby or project, and accomplish more in less time;

… learn new information quickly and recall it whenever you needed it; and most important of all…

 … sleep peacefully at night without worrying your memory problems may rob you of your independence or land you in a nursing home.

Many people who take Advanced Memory Formula begin to notice these wonderful changes within the first month. Of course, the longer you take it, the sharper you’ll likely feel. And most importantly, you’ll be giving your body all the firepower it needs to protect your brain and fight the three hidden triggers for mental decline.

That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started today. I personally arranged for Advanced Bionutritionals, the company that makes Advanced Memory Formula available to my patients and readers, to offer you special introductory savings.

Save $10.00 per bottle and get 3 FREE gifts…without risking a penny!

When you choose their “best value” deal and request the six-month savings pack, you’ll save a whopping $10.00 per bottle. That adds up to a total savings of $60.00!

Plus you’ll get three eye-opening Special Reports I’ve written myself (a $44.85 value):

FREE REPORT #1: The Total Solution to a Healthy Memory—your complete guide to using Advanced Memory Formula and seeing life-changing results fast

FREE REPORT #2: Powerful New Cures for Failing Vision—the newest breakthroughs and do-it-yourself treatments that ward off the biggest threats to your eyesight…

FREE REPORT #3: Breakthrough Cures for Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Gout—the latest discoveries that can help you finally become pain-free and get back your joy of living.

On top of these valuable gifts, you’ll also get FREE shipping and handling (worth $6.95) when you act right away.

Also Available: The Great Value Offer:
Save $12.00 and get 2 FREE Gifts

 If you select the “great value” offer and request the 3 month savings pack, you’ll save $4.00 per bottle.

Plus you’ll get two Special Reports, a $29.90 value:

FREE REPORT #1: The Total Solution to a Healthy Memory—your complete guide to using Advanced Memory Formula and seeing life-changing results fast

FREE REPORT #2: Powerful New Cures for Failing Vision—the newest breakthroughs and do-it-yourself treatments that ward off the biggest threats to your eyesight…

On top of these valuable gifts, you’ll also get FREE shipping and handling (worth $6.95) when you act right away. 

Trial Offer comes with 1 Free Report

While you won’t save on the per bottle cost, the Trial Offer  does come with a Free Special Report, a $14.95 value:

FREE REPORT: The Total Solution to a Healthy Memory—your complete guide to using Advanced Memory Formula and seeing life-changing results fast

However, you will get FREE shipping and handling (worth $6.95) when you act right away.

Down to the Last Tablet Guarantee

But that’s not all. You can try Advanced Memory Formula at these special savings for as long as you like, without risking a penny. Every bottle is backed by my “Down to the Last Tablet” money-back guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, send the empty bottles back for a full refund—including shipping!

If you’re not convinced Advanced Memory Formula has improved your memory and concentration…or if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…you can return it ANY time for a full refund of the purchase price, including shipping and handling charges.

You probably won’t find a rock-solid guarantee like this anywhere else. Most companies only give you a 30-day or 60-day money-back guarantee. And if you try to return a supplement you’ve already opened to a store, in most cases you’d be out of luck!

So why am I willing to offer you this unmatched, unconditional guarantee?

  • Because of the dozens of clinical studies I’ve combed through that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt this formula will work for you.
  • Because of the truckloads of letters I’ve received from satisfied customers who have seen extraordinary results. 
  • And because of the remarkable improvements I’ve seen this formula make in the lives of my patients—and myself. 

Please take advantage of this special opportunity to discover what Advanced Memory Formula can do for you…and your quality of life. You have my word that every bottle is 100% guaranteed or your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. You won’t risk anything by giving this total memory solution a try!

And, ordering couldn’t be easier

Click here to take advantage of this no-risk way to set yourself free from the fear of an aging mind!

Yours in health,

Robert J. Rowen, M.D.

P.S. Advanced Memory Formula is the only supplement I know of that stops—and even reverses—the three hidden triggers for mental decline. You get the seven most powerful, well-researched nutrients proven to boost your memory and concentration, and stop brain aging. Now you can try this total memory solution without risk, at special savings of $10.00 per bottle. Plus you can get 3 FREE Special Reports, along with FREE shipping. Place your risk-free order now

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