11 Fruits and Vegetables High in Calcium

Calcium is one of the most prevalent minerals in the body. If your diet does not include much meat or cheese, you can still keep your bones strong by eating these awesome calcium rich foods.

Sesame Seeds
Whole roasted sesame seeds contain 989 mg of calcium per 100 grams or 99% of the RDA.
Sesame seed butter or tahini contains 426mg per 100 grams or 43% of the RDA.

Almonds contain 367 mg per cup or 37% of the RDA.

Collard Greens
Collard greens contain 266 mg per cup or 27% of the RDA.

Garlic contains 246 mg per cup or 25% of the RDA.

Spinach contains 254mg per cup or 24% oof the RDA.

Soybeans contain 175 mg per cup or 18% of the RDA.

Swiss chard
Swiss chard contains 101 mg per cup or 10% of the RDA.

Kale contains 93 mg per cup or 9% of the RDA.

Raisins contain 82.5 mg per cup or 8% of the RDA.

Orange slices contain 72 mg per cup or 7% of the RDA.

Medjool dates contain 64 mg per cup or 6% of the RDA.



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