10 Thoughts To a Happy and Healthy Life

(BeWellBuzz) Are you moving full throttle, but achieving less each day? Instead of pushing the accelerator harder, take your foot off it for some time and check the direction in which you are going. You may find that you are going down a path you didn’t intend to walk in the first place.

Life is simple, but we often complicate it. Here are a few thoughts to help you unlearn the old ways and start fresh and in the right direction.

1. Life is a mystery that needs to be lived. It is not a problem awaiting a solution

Life is neither a problem, nor a philosophy. It is simply a mystery that should be lived moment by moment.

The present is the only moment which we have control over. Instead of making the best of the present, we put it on autopilot mode while continuing thinking of either the past or the future. Don’t make the present a prism for viewing what has gone by or what is yet to come. If you do this, your life will be more limited than it ought to be. The present offers limitless opportunities. You can become aware of them and choose the best one only if you let go and give full attention to the present moment. Live today to the fullest.

2. Gratitude is the art of appreciation. Develop it and practice it if you want to be at peace with yourself and your life

Gratitude is an important virtue to have, more so if you find yourself in tiring circumstances. It cannot change reality, but can make it more livable.

There are two root causes of our sufferings: the feeling of “not being good enough or not having enough”, and the notion that we will be satisfied once we become something or get something. These two causes are interrelated – they feed off and on each other.

The feeling of “something is lacking either in me or in my life” triggers a never-ending, self-consuming, and self-defeating pursuit of becoming something or attaining something. We believe we can eradicate this deep-rooted, but self-planted feeling of inadequacy through external sources. However, the more we achieve, the greater the discontent grows. The object which we believe will relieve us from our sufferings once and for all never shows up. We are unable to attain it no matter what we do. This is because no such thing exists. It is simply a figment of our imagination, much like the feeling of inadequacy.

External sources cannot give us inner satisfaction. They, at best, can give us a fleeting moment of happiness. If you want to be really happy, you have to shift your focus. The real happiness lies inside you and not outside. Gratitude helps you realize this. It allows you eradicate all the negativity and appreciate what you have. It allows you to be at peace with yourself and with the world around you.

Replace the feeling of inadequacy with that of gratitude. Make it a habit. Practice it. Be thankful for what you have every day, and you soon will find yourself getting better results. With practice, the habit gets stronger and enriches every aspect of your life.

3. Don’t take the mirror too seriously. It’s how you feel inside that matters more

The mirror does not lie, but then, it doesn’t tell you the whole truth either. You are a few pounds heavier or lighter, and the mirror says the same to your face. However, that’s all the mirror can tell you. It cannot dig deeper and tell you what really matters, and that is – how do you feel.

How you feel matters more than how you look. At least, that’s the way it should be, not the other way around.

Of course, you want to look like a million bucks. Who doesn’t? However, if you are making yourself miserable in the quest to look good, you need a reality check. Ask yourself what you prefer – an unhappy person trapped in a chiseled body, or a happy person inside a not-so-perfect body.

4. Don’t miss an opportunity to have a meal with your friends or family

Life is busy, but you should never miss out on an opportunity to eat together with friends and family. A meal eaten with your loved ones feeds not only the body, but also the soul.

The reality of our lives is that we have more activities and less time to do them. While these activities are important, they are not as important as the people we love. Each meal shared with the family and friends gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with them and create stronger bonds and richer memories.

So, take some time out from your busy schedule to spend more time with people who mean the world to you.

5. Travel for travel’s sake if you don’t have a destination in mind

Pack up your bags every now and then and go to new places, especially if you’ve been drifting farther and farther from your old self. Who knows, you may just find the old you amidst a new environment, buildings, and faces.

Travelling allows us to meet new people and learn about new cultures. It allows us to learn new things and to let go of the emotions, fears, and mental blocks that hold us back. Travelling is like oxygen to the free spirit which resides in each of us. It opens our mind to new perspectives, makes us more carefree, and allows us to love ourselves and others with greater freedom.

6. If you are restless, it is a good sign. You are restless because you want something more than what you have

Don’t think restlessness is a sign that you are lost. On the contrary, it means you want something better, but have not just figured out yet exactly what it is. Or you may know exactly what you want, but the path is not clear to you at this moment. Don’t worry. The secret will unravel itself in due course of time.

7. You want happiness and no pain, but there’s no rainbow without rain.

If it was not for pain, we would never have learned the true worth of happier moments. Accept pain just as you accept happiness. Don’t resist pain, because that cannot be done. You only insulate yourself from happiness when you try to resist pain.

Feel the pain just as you feel happiness, but don’t let pain overwhelm you. If it threatens to get the better of you, take comfort in the fact that such moments eventually pass. Pain, much like everything else, is temporary.

8. Rejection measures the strength of your resolve. It is not a statement of your capabilities

When you come face to face with rejection, you can either pick yourself back up and continue on your journey with your head held high, or walk back with your head and spirit drooping. Success may be just around the bend – a few steps further where you are. If you quit, you will never know this.

Don’t let rejection get to you. Continue doing what you think you must, and you will find what you seek probably sooner than you imagine.

9. Live in the present

The present is a gift. Don’t waste it by thinking of the past or future. The past is gone. You can’t relive it. The future is an unfulfilled promise and will come when it comes. Take a minute and thank yourself for being YOU.

10. Think and talk less, listen more

We often have a never-ending self talk on what to do, what to say, etc. Recognize when it starts and just listen. Listen to your friends, family, person that you are talking to. Your intuition guides you best, all you have to do is listen to it. Pay attention to your inner voice and act intuitively.

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And remember,

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu.

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