10 Effective Alternative Treatments for Treating High Blood Pressure

Searching for an alternative way to lower the high blood pressure without the use of drugs? Most people think that medicines are the only option for treating high blood pressure. But, there are various types of alternative treatments for high blood pressure. Sometimes, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack or stroke.

treating high blood pressureHere are the 10 commonly used alternative treatments for treating high blood pressure:

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture along with electro acupuncture or electric stimulation can lower elevations in blood pressure. Adding low frequency electric pulses to the needles can effectively reduce blood pressure. It releases the strain on your heart thus reducing blood pressure.

2. Chiropractic

Realigning the vertebrae in the spine can re-establish your body’s balance and helps to function properly.

3. Herbs

Herbs along with good eating habits and healthy lifestyle can effectively lower high blood pressure. Most common herbs that can be used for hypertension include: turmeric, gingko biloba, hawthorn berry, maitake, ginger root, and olive leaf.

4. Vitamins

Most of us use vitamin supplements for various health reasons. Vitamins are great alternative for treating high blood pressure. Not only doe one need to take supplements, but also needs to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Vitamins that are helpful for high blood pressure include Vitamin C, E, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium and magnesium.

5. Magnet treatment

Wearing copper and iron bracelets can effectively work to reduce high blood pressure. There won’t be any side effects or harm that come from it, so there’s no harm in trying it out.

6. Yoga

Yoga is a great alternative for treating high blood pressure. There are some particular yoga poses that can help to level out the blood pressure. They include forward bends, easy pose, shoulder stretches, cat pose, and horizontal poses that slow down your heart beat if you practice slowly and rhythmically.

7. Meditation

Transcendental meditation gives relief for people with high blood pressure and cuts down the need for blood pressure-lowering medications .

8. Massage therapy

Medical massage therapy is called as soft tissue mobilization method. It causes acceleration of blood flow and lymphatic drainage and mechanical breakdown of soft tissue classifications. Massage therapy effectively works for patients with slightly to moderately high BP.

9. Relaxation techniques

Stress is the great cause of high blood pressure. So, it is essential to practice relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to lower the stress level.

10. Music therapy

Slow breathing while listening to music can effectively lower your blood pressure. You feel comfortable and relax while listening to gentle music.


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