6 Best Anti-Aging Longevity Herbs

Aging is an inevitable and natural process that we are all subjected to. According to a recent Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistic report, most American are aging way faster than is expected. That report on life expectancy placed United States  at 42 spot among 191 nations.

Studies affirm that chronic stress is the major contributor to this fast non anticipated aging process. Stress is any element capable of triggering the body to make certain adjustments. There are 2 types of stress namely:

  • Psychological – due to new-age craving for constant stimulation of the mind and speed
  • Physiological – due to sedentary lifestyle of inactivity and consumption of processed foods and drinks which contains chemicals.

Constant stress ultimately interferes with the body’s natural capacity to balance, adjust to stressful conditions or remain in good health. This consequently impairs the immunity and endocrine system. This further triggers inflammatory reactions which destroy cells subjecting the body to energy depletion, weakness and inactivity. Your body is rendered incapable of naturally fighting common diseases unless a number of drugs are administered. One ages faster as the body struggles to live instead of realizing its full potential.

Stress can be managed mainly through these two ways:

  • Lifestyle adjustments – entails healthy diet and fitness plans
  • Use of Adaptogens – these are potent herbal remedies capable of enhancing immunity and hormone activity of the body to boost energy, cell repair and regeneration. This enables the body to contain stressful factors. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before using Adaptogen formula even though they are broadly certified safe.

Check out 6 best adaptogenic longevity herbs.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a natural herb whose use in managing a wide array of diseases dates back to the ancient Indian Ayurveda healing procedures.

Uses: Insomnia, arthritis, dementia, anxiety and depression, respirator conditions including asthma and bronchitis.

Core benefits: Kills cancerous cells, minimizes toxicity of chemotherapeutic regimens, and reduces reappearance of cancerous cells and weakness due to cancer.

2. Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng)

It is popularly referred to as the adaptogen King and is the most studied with over 3000 publications to support its potency.

Uses: A quick energy booster that enhances body’s endurance to stressful conditions like intense heat, cold or exercises and rectifies abnormal conditions of blood pressure and sugar level.

Core benefits: Powerful performance enhancer which improves healing and endurance power of athletes.

3. Ginseng

Its medicinal use in ancient Asia dates back to over 50 centuries and has garnered a lot of reviews and scientific studies. It can be classified into two main species – panax ginseng and panax quinquefolius – commonly called Asian and American ginseng respectively.

Uses: It enhances muscle power, strain endurance and increases response time besides boosting immunity and functioning of the heart and blood sugars.

Core benefits: American ginseng enhances recovery time from pneumonia, common cold or bronchitis and helps alleviate chronic stress arising from depression. Asian ginseng boosts energy requirements for physical performance and endurance. It also restores adrenal activity and motor skills.

4. Rhaponticum (Maral Root)

This is the best energy boosting herb in existence and is revered by athletes for strength and power. It has anabolic chemicals that strengthens and synthesizes muscle cells.

Uses: It rectifies disorders related to cardiothoracic and central nervous system, increases appetite and sleep. It also boosts endurance to strain arising from work and such other conditions.

Core benefit: It is a powerful regimen for those who are healing from trauma or surgery.

5. Rhodiola

Research studies suggest that this adaptogen is in similar category as ginseng and eleuthero. This explains its popularity which made it one of the most sought energy booster by athletes in Russia.

Uses: It improves brain and muscle blood circulation which enhances both physical and mental health. Rhodiola also boosts immune and cardiothoracic system.

Note: This product is only safe for use in combination with other adaptogens, otherwise its constricting and drying property is detrimental.

6. Schisandra

This adaptogen’s use dates back to the ancient times in Russia and Asian countries. Schisandra berries and seeds can be used but the latter is more potent.

Uses: Improves fatigue conditions arising from stressful factors, liver protection and detoxification, managing insomnia, anxiety, vision impairment.

Core benefits: Studies suggest it enhances eye adjustment to darkness by up to 90 percent and is therefore consumed to improve night vision.


Combination of drugs to alienate limitations in its individual healing efficacy is called synergy. This methodology has been incorporated in Ayurveda and The Chinese Medicine in herbal remedies. Adaptogens too work in synergy which makes their combination very effective. However, combining adaptogens is not the only means of efficacy but their quality too matters particularly in a market flooded with sub-par products.

Make sure to consult certified health expert about any combinations and dosages.

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