Benefits of Polygala

Polygala Root is an extraordinary super herb. It was first used by Daoist monks who had firm belief of polygala benefits on the mind and spirit.

Polygala root is traditionally used as natural calmative as it helps relax the mind, calm the emotions and aid the sleep process. Many believe that it also assists with creative thinking and manifestation of ideas.  Another unique quality that it possesses is an important libido stimulant for both men and women through deepening of sexual experience.

Polygala Senega has a perennial branching root, from which grows smooth, round and leafy stems that are about 9 to 12 inches in height.  The leaves are alternate or scattered, pointed, smooth and are usually bright green on the surface.  Fresh polygala root has a fresh smell, similar to wintergreen.  (This fragrance is actually 0.1% methyl salicylate.)  The active ingredient in the root is a complex mixture of triterpenoid saponins.  These saponins have been analyzed and are believed to assist in the following:

  • Polygala root is a natural calmative that works on the nervous system and aids in anxiety relief
  • As a stimulant that mainly affects the respiratory membranes, it promotes the flow of saliva and expectoration of phlegm
  • It can assist in the treatment of asthma and bronchial problems, facilitating the coughing up of mucus from the chest
  • Its stimulatory properties extend to all the secretory organs, the uterus and circulation

Ancient beliefs claim polygala root aids in sexual vitality by opening the flow of energy between the kidney and the heart.  If this “energy channel” is blocked, there is a loss of connection between our sexual energy and our emotional feelings. Polygala assists in the increase of sexual satisfaction and thereby brings greater levels of happiness into our minds and lives. This natural aphrodisiac is proving popular as a natural remedy for loss of vitality and libido.

Schisandra Berries are another product regarded as “super herbs”.  These berries are also renowned as being of benefit to the sexual organs, the liver, the nervous system, the kidneys and in the cleansing of the blood.  The direct correlation of Schisandra Berries and Polygala Root is therefore evident. These two super herbs work on similar parts of the body, giving the user unparalleled assistance in their health and vitality.

Schisandra berries grow on beautiful vines that are native to Korea, Russia and China.  The plant is appreciated due to its attractive flowers and fruit (the berries). The berries are dried and used medicinally to assist in the following:

  • Toning of the kidneys and sexual organs
  • Strengthening of the nervous system and increasing speed of reflexes
  • Improving mental clarity and assisting in treatment of forgetfulness
  • Protection of the liver and cleansing of the blood
  • Treatment of depression, irritability and lack of concentration
  • Builds sexual fluids for both men and women, and assists in controlling premature ejaculation
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Increases stamina and aids physical exhaustion

Schisandra is held in extremely high regard in China due to its beauty enhancing qualities.  It also assists in beautifying the skin and the astringent qualities help the skin retain moisture.

In summary, using both Polygala Root and Schizandra berries together can increase libido and sexual satisfaction, improve circulation, strengthen mind, body and central nervous system.

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