Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

fish oil

It is not a secret that fish oil supplements keep your digestion in check and your inflammation down. However, what you may not know is the supplements have other major benefits for you entire body’s health. Other benefits include boosting your bone density, burning fat and enhancing your brain power. Here are other benefits you get from fish oil supplements.

Improve fat burning
According to a University of South Australia study on the effects of exercise and diet, fish oil supplements boosted the fat loss from exercise.

Body fat stores, especially abdominal and cardiovascular fat, are significantly reduced by using fish oil supplements. Thus, the supplements play a big role in reducing heart disease risk, obesity and other serious health conditions brought on by excess fat in the body.

By helping burn excess fat from the body, fish oil supplements help you maintain a good figure that will boost your self-esteem and confidence, which play major roles in your psychological health.

Reduce aging signs
Studies have shown the shortening of telomere (a DNA cap at the end of chromosomes) can hinder the functioning of stem cells and cellular regeneration, leading to unhealthy aging. A 2010 study by Harvard University students found a link between fish oil supplements and the rate by which telomere gets shorter.
Fish oil supplements also help your skin remain healthy and young, thus preventing the wrinkles that make the skin age quickly.

Boost brain capacity and memory
Researchers have found positive links between fish oil supplements and cognitive ability. The brain structure also differs in people who take fish oil supplements versus those who do not. People who take the supplements regularly have better cognitive functioning than non-users.

Fish oil supplements help the functioning of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, leading to better memory. They prevent shrinkage of the brain, leading to better functioning. Lack of fish oil supplements makes the brain age quickly and lose some of its thinking and memory abilities.

Prevent loss of body muscles
Taking fish oil supplements prevents muscle loss, especially in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The supplements also help in muscle building, especially when combined with exercise. They contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body weight and muscle mass. Thus, you always have more energy.

Boost bone health
When it comes to maintaining bone density, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium should not be your only supplements. Fish oil supplements are essential for optimal bone health. The supplements are vital constituents of healthy bone development and maintenance of bone mineral density. In addition, they also help reduce joint pain.

There are several health advantages in using fish oil supplements. However, always remember that supplement intake must be paired with healthy diet and lifestyle for maximum benefit.

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