Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Scents of particular essential oils may induce stimulation of this brain part producing the desirable effect of romance. These types of essential oils are classified as aphrodisiacs. If used correctly it may lead to a countless nights of mind-blowing sexual experience!

Essential oils have the quality to improve circulation, promote hormonal balance or increase hormone production, or affect the nervous system. Another notable characteristic of these essential oils are to influence the state of mind and the emotions. It helps induce warmth, intimacy, enforce spirituality and feeling of euphoria.

Aphrodisiac are substances believed to influence increase sensual and intimate feeling towards anybody. Aromatherapy has a variety of essential oil products that is claimed to have this effect. According to Cooksley, Patchouli, Myrrh and Ginger are few of those that exhibit this quality. The use of these essential oils will release any inhibitions increasing intimacy.

The sense of Olfaction plays a major role in increasing sensual experience. It is also noted that decreased sexual interest is due to the hypo production of the necessary hormones by the pituitary gland.

This master gland is the one that helps regulate the production of all the other hormones in the body. Essential oils like Clary sage, Ylang-ylang, Patchouli and Jasmine have the quality to stimulate the pituitary gland. Aphrodisiacs stimulate the brain part that is the seat of all emotions and carries the level of intimacy to a new level, a higher mental state beyond just physical connection and pleasure.

There are essential oils that deliberately raises the body temperature and aphrodisiacs does that. With a similar effect you can hone the right warm up before a stage for the perfect performance is set. Stimulating scents such that induces increase in libido are those oils with rich, warm mostly originated from certain flora and spices. and here are few aphrodisiacs essential Oils that we know:

Clary sage. This has a sensual property and compound similar to estrogen that helps regulate hormonal balance. Notably this oil has a euphoric property as well.

Jasmine. The scent of this flora is seductive, warm and inviting. This oil has been used by Indians to rouse sexual feeling.

Rose. This flower being notably appealing to women triggers a response of desiring and romance.

Ylang ylang. This oil is extracted from a flower native to the Philippines. The petals of the flower is scattered on newlywed’s bed. The scent of this sweet and exotic flower rids inhibition and calls forth desire.

Patchouli. This has a sensual property that helps ease felling of anxiety.

Vanilla – scent of vanilla invites warmth and passion. This specific type of aroma also has properties similar to aphrodisiacs.

Ginger – this essential oil is warm and soothing. Also with the right application, it promotes proper blood circulation.

Sandalwood. A perfect blend to Ylang ylang. This having reputed to be an aphrodisiac gives an exotic atmosphere favorable for making-love.

These aphrodisiacs essential oils may be used for massages. Massage intensifies romance due of contact and the stimulating scents used. Any of these oils may be infused with carrier oil then applied as a to skin for that purpose.

A well-rounded aphrodisiac is well balanced and is carefully constructed considering the user’s preference in intensity and combination. All these factors melted together will create the perfect ambiance and mind state when love-making is your end goal.

If dilution is too much it may result to a loss in interest or decreased intensity in the experience. If the essential oil proportion is too great it can irritate and may result to repulsion instead of intimate contact.

Jasmine absolute is one of the most preferred perfume additives because of its erogenous effect to the human psyche. Similar to this is ambrette and angelica. Aphrodisiac effects can be attained with the use of essential oils due of its influences to the emotional and mind state.

How to use aphrodisiacs essential oils

We communicate by touch in many ways we barely notice. The use of essential oils implored by the sense of touch through baths (sauna, Jacuzzi, shower), and massages are few of the great ways to enjoy its benefits.

Other than massage there are various other ways that these oils may be used:

  • Candles Burners Bath oils
  • For inhalation. Before going to sleep you may also sprinkle a couple of drops of your desired essential oils on bed sheets and also you can utilize candles and other diffuser types to apply these natural gifts.

Using aphrodisiacs essential Oils for bath:

  • Love Potion Bath is a blend of essential oils; a drop of sandalwood, 2 drops of clary sage and three drops of ylang-ylang. You can use candles to set the ambiance as a stage in preparation for an intense passionate love making.
  • Nostalgia Bath (good for Baby boomers) is a blend of essential oils consisting of 3 drops of patchouli and 4 drops of Ylang-ylang. You may also light some patchouli incense to add to the candles you already have placed as an added stimulant.
  • or if you want to use singly, you may add any of those aphrodisiacs essential Oils above to warm water with five to ten drops. And on the tub you may scatter petals as an added effect.

Using aphrodisiacs essential Oils for massage:

For massages here is a very suitable formula of essential oil blend that will inspire intimate contact. This recipe is for a full body massage and the dilution of the essential oil is at 2%. The essential oil to be used in this formula must be warmed first to increase absorbency.

4 formula of essential oil blends as Aphrodisiac:

1. First is 6 ounces of any carrier oil. Ten drops of each- Jasmine and Mandarin essential oils and then 5 drops of nutmeg essential oil.
2. Another formula consists of 4 tablespoon of sweet almond oil as the carrier oil, you can also use safflower oil. 10 drops of Sandal wood essential oil, 4 drops of clary sage essential oil and then 6 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil.
3. In 50 ml carrier oil, like apricot, grapeseed or sweet almond oil infuse rose or ylang ylang, and bergamot essential oils with five drops each and then ten drops of sandalwood essential oil.
4. In 50 ml of carrier oil infuse clary sage, ylang ylang with two drops each and patchouli and sandalwood with five drops each.

Mix the ingredients in a shallow dish. This massage blend may be used on all the body parts except for the face and the genital area. The topical application must be with small amounts only.

Using aphrodisiacs essential Oils for oil burner:

For oil burners we recommend a blend of sweet orange, ylang ylang and sandal wood that may be diffused into any room with a sprayer after diluted in water. And this blend is perfect for the moments you want memorable and so you will need to forge an ambiance that encourages contact and the passion of sex.

Not losing the sense of arousing once sexual desire is a key to a lasting relationship. It keep the attraction alive and with the use of aphrodisiac essential oils it may just be the best way to enjoy that mutual feeling of happiness, a bonus of extraordinary fusion of nature’s gift and the ultimate expression of your need for each other.



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