Why is it so hard to do what matters?

live with purpose

You never can be what you are not, but the good news is you can become what you are not. You can reverse a downhill cycle, you can get off the negative treadmill.

How? A simple decision. When I reached my day of disgust I said to myself:

“I’ve had it. For me to live I have to change some stuff in my life and it all starts with me.” The negativity was all in my head. It was the way I was interpreting all the events and people in my life. So I made a cold-blooded decision, “I’m not going to stay this way any longer. From now on, I will start making better choices and couple those choice with focused, consistent attitude. I learned that value is not what you get, it is what you give. You get back what you give out.

After I passed the milestone of “6 weeks to live,” people would ask the secret of my “luck?”  And the answer was simply, “Passion gets you through the challenges and you focus on what you want — you focus on living, not dying! You visualize living, feel the passion of it and you make what is magnificent more significant than wanting it.”

I look back now and realize that how I felt about myself affected how I treated myself. If I felt unhappy, angry and frustrated then I ate the wrong foods to give me comfort. And so my eating habits, my exercising, my overworking and neglecting my health all were to cover the negative frustrations and the anger that I felt about myself. My selfish, negative, destructive thoughts affected what I chose to do and it ultimately reflected in my health. 

Once you comprehend how uncomplicated this is, you won’t have to continue in a negative disposition any longer than you choose!

As I’ve discussed in many previous articles, choosing to revolutionize your thoughts and what you say to yourself is the key that unlocks your new future.

The brilliant thing is we can reverse the negative cycle by accepting personal responsibility and then treating ourselves differently to start shifting how we feel! Deciding to take control of what you can control and releasing what you can’t, and then paying attention to stay on track, is your most important tool for raising your self-worth and moving in a new direction in your life. It’s as fundamental as wood to a carpenter or a sharp kitchen knife to a chef. You can use your mindset to recreate your life. To raise your self-esteem and improve your health, you start by changing your beliefs.

There still will be times when you are tempted to feel low when things don’t work out they way you would like. So have a hot, relaxing bubble bath or have a hot shower and sing your favorite song, get outside in the sunshine and go for a walk, have an herbal tea or eat something that makes you feel healthy. This changes the communication you give to your mind and body. You can’t think of negative and positive thoughts at the same time. By quickly giving attention to your thoughts you will get yourself off the negative detour and back on the road to a healthy life. Rehearse your affirmations, and when you see your reflection in the mirror, say “…you are amazing, an incredible loveable human being, and you are loved!”

It doesn’t matter at this point if you believe your affirmations or not, just say them with feeling as your purpose is reprogramming your brain and body at the cellular level. The goal is getting the glass half-full. 

I was a nobody until I decided to be a somebody… it was finding self-respect in a tall poppy world. And now I am happy to be the tall poppy picked and giving pleasure in some appreciative person’s vase!


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