What We Say Affects Our Day

This morning my husband and I discussed how we feel when we start our day in gratitudes. Then we compared that to how we have done it in the past – thinking negatively about the pile of stuff we had to do that day. Our joy and energy depended on how we talked to ourselves about our day!

We talked about how many times we used phrases such as “I have to…” “I’ve got to…” “I need to…” “I should…”— which means we are giving our choices and power to the LIST! We become a slave to the “shoulds” instead enjoying the freedom of the “coulds”.

How do you feel when you use these words?

“Today I’ve got to clean out the garage.” “I should lose weight.”

“I really must give up sugar based on that article I read.” “I should call my brother to keep the family peace.”

When we changed the way we talked to ourselves, our whole day changed! Rather than talk about what we “have to” or “should” do, we chose to think about what we “get to” do. Some people would love to be able to do our list! Instead of complaining, think about how good you’ll feel about the result of what you’ll do. “I love how I feel when the garage is cleaned out and I can find things.” “Won’t it feel great to have my clothes fit me again?” “I love how I feel when I go on a walk in the early morning fresh air and sunshine.” “I love the feeling of taking care of myself by choosing to get rid of sugar.” “I love the way I feel when I have kept in touch with the family and made them feel important.”

Doesn’t this feel different? When we do things because we “get to”, instead of “I’ve got to”, our whole demeanour changes. We come from a position of contribution and choice rather than being the slave.

One last suggestion — what if you slept through the alarm so you are already “behind”? Instead of the old dialogue and put down “Here I go again…” “I can’t believe I slept in again!” How about affirming, “I love how I have a chance to be really organized right now!” Even if it’s not early anymore, take just one minute to regroup and remind yourself that your body is functioning – you woke up – and count your blessings! “Tomorrow I will love the quiet in the early morning because I love getting outside for a few minutes before I start my day…”

See if you can develop the habit of taking charge of your thoughts. See how differently you feel when you focus on and affirm good feelings and gratitudes each morning. See how this allows you to feel better and take action at the same time. Everyone else in the house will start the day in a better frame of mind as well — with ease and joy rather than resistance and frustration! Your health is worth it!

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