Why Reading Books Is Essential Nowadays

reading books

Reading books never will be obsolete. Yes, many critics say reading the printed word is not so popular anymore, but books always will find their way to an audience. While the majority of us prefer scrolling through the articles and texts on our smartphones, this doesn’t mean that we completely have forgotten about books.

As a matter of fact, books never have been more available, since you now can get them in digital format. Regardless of the type of books you prefer to read, they still should be an important part of your life. Books always will be influential because they can change your life. So here is why reading books is essential even today:

Learning how to communicate

While you might think reading is a solitary activity that will not have an impact on your social and communication skills, you are very wrong. Reading books is a form of communication, and the more you read, the better you will become at expressing yourself. Books can teach you a lot, and making you knowledgeable on many topics. Therefore, you will be able to share your opinions with your friends and know exactly what you are talking about. The fact that you have something to contribute to the discussion will make you feel more confident and encourage you to speak up more often.

Working on your creativity

Reading books can be inspiring. You will start seeing the world around you in a different light. The written word is quite powerful and it can move you to start creating your own art. Books explore different aspects of life, and you will be able to experience something completely unknown through the characters in them. You also can travel to faraway places by turning the pages. This will enrich you and spark your creativity, which eventually can lead to something greater.

Learn different things

You don’t have to read fictional books only, even though they can be as educational as college textbooks. Choosing the right topic you want to explore is crucial. Reading can help you get out of your comfort zone and learn about things you never had a chance to encounter during your time at school. So, select something you are not so knowledgeable about and dive right in. For instance, if you know nothing about volcanoes but always have been fascinated by them, find books that explain everything you need to know about this natural phenomenon.

Improving yourself

Self-improvement is a never-ending process. We do it all the time. Books can help you with this a lot. Yes, many books talk about ways to improve yourself as a person and change your life. But any book can shed light on some important things that might inspire you to change and accept the world around you. “Books can influence both your present and future self because they will help you evolve into a better person that will make better decisions down the road,” said Paul L. Santos, writing coach at Proessaywriting.  So, never stop working on yourself and building your knowledge.

Your memory will be better

Books are full of different characters, their back stories, various locations, etc. Once you immerse yourself in a piece of literature, you have to stay connected to the text and remember each and every little thing about the book. Some plots are more complex than others, but you still will exercise your brain memorizing everything you have read. The more you read, the better you will become at keeping the information inside your head. This will help you out with short-term memory, which you can apply to your daily life regardless of your profession.

Critical thinking

We need critical thinking more than ever nowadays. After all, reading the available information about a certain subject and coming to your own conclusion without the influence of outside factors will help you develop as a person. A successful writer will interest you in the hidden meaning of their work, and make you wonder about a subject they explored in their text. This eventually will improve your analytic thinking skills, which can be of great benefit to you and your career.


If you hear someone say that reading is boring or a waste of time, the chances are they never picked up the printed word in their lives. Books should be an important part of you because they possess more powers than people give them credit for. They are not only educational, but will improve your communication skills, and make you think critically. Plus, books can expand your horizons and make you less stressed at the same time. So, find some alone time and spend it in the best way possible –- cuddled up with a good book.

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