Message From Spirit – Value Yourself

Message from spirit- Value Yourself

Please be true to who you really are! Do not be tormented by past accusations. You have moved on!

Many people in the world have feelings of low self-worth. Why is this so? It is because at some time in their lives, someone has expressed an opinion of them and they have chosen to believe it!

Was it a parent who told their child they would not get anywhere in this world? Was it a bully who made his or her victim have no self-confidence? Maybe it was a person of influence who passed judgment on the not so pretty looks of a child? Was it a teacher who called a child an idiot? The examples are numerous.

Whatever the circumstances, there are many “victims” who are choosing to believe the many statements someone threw at them in a moment of non-understanding. Is this you?

If so, it is time to shed that belief! It does not serve you to continue believing it. Look deep within yourself to find your untruth and replace it with the truth. The truth will set you free!

It will empower you to move ahead into a life of creating dreams, happiness and achievement at a higher level. Isn’t this what you really want? Why give those tormentors the power to still influence you?

Look at the patterns you continually play out in your life. Recognize the inner belief guiding your every decision and action. Turn it around to a positive and watch your life change forever! It’s time to feel empowered!

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