Message From Spirit – Love is The Way

We live in a world of polarities. You all know the universal symbol of yin and yang and the meaning of opposites such as winter and summer, cold and hot, dark and light, acid and alkaline, etc. The most important set of polarities that rule our lives is love and fear!

In the acid/alkaline scale love is extremely alkaline and fear, which includes stress, worry, etc., is extremely acid. Just the other day I was reading about a lady who tested to be extremely alkaline, but when overcome by stress she immediately changed to being acidic with no change in her eating plan! Amazing!

We have been told love makes the world go round! The word “love” is bantered around and has many meanings, some shallow and some deep. What does love mean to you? Is it a ruling force in your life or do you take it for granted? I have a “Message from Spirit” regarding the presence of love in your life.

“Please be conscious of the love you express every day. Feel for those around you and know that with love your lives will flow more smoothly. Love is the key ingredient in every relationship. Without love, relationships fail!

Love is the gel that holds everything together. Love is the fuel in the fire, so to speak. Think of occasions in your life which were not 100 percent enjoyable. What was happening? Were there arguments, disarray, unhappiness or just a lack of love? If your heart was full of love, you would not have felt so discontented!

Love where you are, what you are doing and feel the peace emanate from your heart. When your heart feels this way it spreads to others around you. It is evolving energy. It soothes discontent. It curtails worry. It dissolves anger. Why not try it today to diffuse a negative situation?

If you choose to react with a negative emotion, it only makes matters worse. Open your heart, give some hugs when needed and be ready for the love to be returned to you. It works both ways. Love needs to be the centerpeace (peace!) of your household. Be the one who keeps your family united. It will be your saving grace, your weapon against angst in the home. After all, “home is where the heart is!”

When you are experiencing love, happiness becomes the norm. When you are happier, well-being increases and your health improves. Start today by being conscious of the love in your life. Feel the difference when you respond to a situation with love, rather than react with a negative emotion. Know that you can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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