Does It Give You 85% Pleasure, Or Does It Give You 85% Pain?

One of the most important reasons why we do what we do is the drive to experience pleasure.

No matter what you do in life, make sure you make time for fun and playtime in your busy schedule. Otherwise, you will always think, “What am I doing this all for?” And the answer is always to enjoy life and have fun, happy times.

Make sure you do whatever makes you feel good and brings you joy on a regular basis. Schedule it in your diary, in your mind and make it a habit.

I read somewhere that when it comes to your tombstone, the date you see on the left and the date you see on the right are of no meaning, but it’s the dash in the middle (how you spent your time) that counts.

Did you enjoy your life most of the time or did you just survive and go through the motions?

If you spend most of your time doing the things you love, you will arrive at your deathbed feeling that your life was worthwhile. On the other hand, if you don’t, you will be guaranteed to feel that horrible, regretful feeling that will bring tears to your eyes.

With all the research done on people that do not have long to live, no one ever has said they wished they would have spent more time in the office.

That is why when people have a near-death experience they completely change their priorities and go on a different path than they were on before. Why wait until you have one of those? You may not even get a second chance. Life is not a dress rehearsal and it is too short to even guess it through. You only get one chance at it. Take it.

In my opinion, one of the areas you must ask yourself about is career/work. Is it giving me eighty-five percent pleasure or is it giving me eighty-five percent pain?

I strongly encourage you to search for a career that brings you joy; if you do, you will never have to work for a living. Work in an industry that you love and you will not feel like you are working for your dollar; work in an industry where money is the main motivator and you will work for every cent.

It only makes sense to do this because most of your time is not spent with your spouse, or your family – not even your friends- but with the second most time-consuming area of your entire life: your work place.

By the time you leave your home to go to work and arrive back at home after work it equates, for most people, to about fifty to sixty hours a week. What other area in your life would you invest more of your time in than that?

The only other place where you spend more time than in your work place is in your bed…and you’re sleeping! I know that, at least for myself, if I am going to spend most of my waking hours in my life at work, then I damn well want to make sure I enjoy it and have fun in the process.

Make it a habit. Always ask yourself, “Does it give me eighty-five percent pleasure? or does it give me eighty-five percent pain?”

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