Count Your Blessings Instead of Calories

Counting calories is downright defeating and depleting. When you focus on what is wrong (needing to lose weight), and what you can’t have (food), you will feel like you are crucifying yourself. This approach is likely to backfire and cause emotional bingeing. After you go overboard, then you will be drowning in shame.

Your body responds best with positive vibes and self-love. Switch your focus to what is right and what you love. When you start counting your blessings your soul will feel filled and you will eat less.  Feel gratitude and excitement about food, and your life.

Delete the calorie counting application and embrace journal writing. Buy an inspiring journal and get cozy with yourself.  Surrender the desire to be perfect. Write fast and furious to access your intuition. Asking questions evokes a response from your subconscious. You can write out your answers in a list, in paragraph and/or picture form. Allow your answers to come by clearing your mind. There is power in the pause, wait for the deep insights to come out.

Write your heart out by answering these questions:

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What healthy food do I love?
  • When do I feel my best? (What am I doing, who am I with?)
  • What are my dreams and desires?

After you finish answering those questions, review what you wrote, connecting the dots and “ah ha’s”. Highlight, circle and star what is important. Write a summary with your new perspective and empowered actions.  Feel the satisfaction of connection; your soul is no longer starving for attention.

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