Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is Needed After Tiring Workout

MASSAGE THERAPY Is Needed After Tiring Workout

It’s good to begin working out to remain fit. Perhaps you just have started your exercise regimen or you are trying to do tougher workouts. In most cases, this workout or gym session may last for one to two hours or more. Almost all workouts have positive effects, although you also may experience some negative ones. Those who are new to working out are especially vulnerable to those issues. Many people feel aches and pains in different areas, and may resort to massage therapy.

We have discussed the reasons why massage therapy is beneficial after workouts.

Recovery process becomes faster

Lots of researchers have confirmed that a massage session after exercise can enhance the recovery process. Though it is good to allow your body to rest, massage therapy makes the healing process faster. Your therapists help in improving blood circulation and flow of nutrients throughout your body. While the fluids get circulated, oxygen and nutrients can access your body’s tissues and muscles.

A good massage session after a workout may relieve those muscles. That’s why you’re able to restore your range of motion. It is essential so you do your workout more effectively and vigorously.

Regular workouts rip the delicate muscle fibers, causing inflammation. Your body needs to turn on its own mechanisms for repairing all the injured or damaged areas. Researchers have compared the tissue of unmassaged and massaged legs to assess massage’s impact on exercise recovery. They have determined that massage speeds up recovery from exercise and injury.

They also noted massage resulted in a decreased production of cytokines, which help the body fight inflammation. Another positive effect of massage is increased mitochondria production, allowing glucose to get converted to energy. Thus, your cells will function better and also get repaired.

Massage is better than medications

Medications and ice baths are common treatment options for sore muscles. Yet, although they can decrease inflammation, they may block the muscles’ growth and repair process. Meanwhile, not only does massage not do those things, but it also can make you feel better. Researchers also have noted it never reduces the lactic acid level in your muscles. So, that’s another reason for choosing massage as a post-workout treatment.

During the massage session, longer strokes are most useful for moving fluids throughout your body.  The pressure from the massage creates suction, which helps repair injured muscles by increasing the oxygen and blood supply. Deep tissue massages control the tissue pores, and thus, enhance their permeability. All the wastes also are eliminated and your body gets fresh nutrients and oxygen.

Gain better flexibility, reducing your tension

After an intense workout, your muscles may feel tight. While a licensed massage practitioner massages your body after a workout, these muscles will get loosened up. So, when you workout the next day or two later, you will feel more flexibility and move more freely. You also will be able to perform your daily tasks more easily. If running is your everyday workout, you will gain improved speed and endurance.

Relaxation- After massage therapy

Most people rely on massage simply for faster healing or recovery, but it also has other benefits. After a strenuous and tiring workout, you like to have a reward. This reward will allow you to stay motivated and continue doing workouts on a regular basis. Massage also can improve your sleep quality, which will reduce fatigue and provide you with more energy for doing everyday physical activity.

Whether you are a weightlifter or just do simple workouts, you can feel much better after a post-workout massage. It helps prevents all the negative aspects of working out every day. Everything you do during your gym session will be positive or beneficial to your body. Thus, consult with a massage therapist to keep it that way.

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