Things You Need To Know About Noni

Noni is a single name to general wellbeing. Morinda Citrifolia, alias Noni, is a bush found mostly in the tropical regions of India and Hawaii.  A medicinal plant, Morinda Citrifolia was known to the ancient folk medicine practitioners for its antibacterial, anti inflammatory and analgesic properties. The use of the plant as a sedative, a cure for diarrhea, a topical disinfectant, and as a gargle for sore-throat is not unknown.

A tall perennial evergreen and flowering tree shrub with potato sized fruits, Noni has gained popularity in the herbal health care as a medicinal herb.  Many fruits like pineapple contain proxeronine which is essential for the healing process of our body. But Noni is the largest known source of the enzyme.

The plant works at the cellular level enhancing cell function and by regenerating damaged cells, purifies blood, detoxifies the body and promotes healing. Rather than being a symptomatic treatment it treats the core of the medical problem. Noni contains proxeronine, an inactive compound that changes into an active form called xeronine in the body. Xeronine is formed in the large intestines. It has the capability to modify the molecular structure of proteins and thereby ensure the proper functioning of the proteins. Without a certain shape and rigidity, proteins fail to function resulting in a wide range of physiological responses. Xeronine is then stored in the body’s reservoir, liver, which releases the nutrients time to time in to the bloodstream to be carried all over the body.

Xeronine has positive effects on the body energy as well as the mental agility of a person. Xeronine also helps to enhance the mental well being of  a person by acting as a welcome tranquilizer. It is also a pain reliever. Thus a diet of Noni juice is claimed to prevent the onset of age related diseases like arthritis, also heart disease, diabetes and stroke. With its ability to numb, xeronine can deal with chronic pain, negative effects of stress and insomnia.

The field of phytochemical research on cancer is an ever widening one. Scientific study shows that the Noni plant contains 23 different phytochemicals, 5 vitamins and 3 minerals. But none of these serve to kill the cancerous cells in the human body. On the other hand, researchers found that Noni contained a polysaccharide compound (6-D-glucopyranose pentaacetate) that boosted the immunity system and rendered it capable to ward off terminal illnesses like cancer.


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