Natural Remedies That Can Help Cure a Staph Infection

We pray neither you nor anyone you love will have to deal with a Staph infection, but if ever you do you’ll want to be knowledgeable about treatments and things you can do to quicken healing that will last.

What is STAPH?

The term staphylococcus (plural – staphylococci) comes from the Greek words “staphyle” and “kokkos,” meaning bunch of grapes and berry or grain, respectively. Strange name for an otherwise unfruitful bunch, but when examined under a microscope that’s just what they look like. Grapes.

Staphylococci are bacteria that can be found harmlessly in the nose and on the skin in close to 1/3 of the population, especially but not only in nurses, doctors and others working in hospitals. Most often, the strain of staph that infects and causes illness in humans is Staphylococcus aureus. When there’s injury on the skin, such as an abrasion or cut, the bacteria finds a gateway into body. If the immune system is at all weak, for example from illness, surgery or taking certain medications, the bacteria may take hold and become an infection. As many of you know staph can be mild or so severe it becomes life-threatening.


While infected, a person remains contagious by direct contact. Staph can also be airborne. If a person with a current infection sneezes or coughs then the bacteria may enter into the air and be transmitted to another host.


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are actually several strains of the microbe that are resistant to powerful antibiotics including methicillin, penicillin, amoxicillin and oxacillin. If you’ve been diagnosed or suspect you have Staph, ask your doctor to test you specifically for this strain. It dramatically affects your treatment options.

Conventional Treatment

A minor infection is commonly treated with internal and/or external antibiotics, the latter usually an ointment to be directly applied to the affected area. When the infection gets serious, however, especially in the case of MRSA, doctors turn to intravenous antibiotics. These drugs are harsh on the body’s systems disrupting digestion, immune strength and more, depending on the patient’s susceptibilities. The curative effects of the drugs alone are often temporary.


There are many claims concerning herbal, nutritional and other methods to beat staph and heal your body. Most suggest that, with a serious infection, the patient add these to their antibiotic treatments. There is no formula that will work for every body. Some of the common suggestions include:

  • Eat 2 cloves of garlic raw or in food daily (not crushed). Allicin is a powerful constituent of garlic, naturally antifungal, antibacterial. A 2004 study found that the extracted allicin was effective in inhibiting and even killing 30 strains of staphylococcus, which had been resistant to the potent antibiotic mupirocin. If you’re looking to take a garlic supplement experts recommend a “powder extract” that contains at least 180mg Allicin Powder. Pay attention to labels!
  • Take Goldenseal.* Goldenseal has been in the limelight as a cold and flu fighter, as well as a strong combatant against Staph. Praised for its immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties, this enemy of disease is perhaps one of our greatest health advocates. A study in 2011 examined the effects of goldenseal against S. aureus to determine which parts of the plant showed the most inhibitory action against bacterial defenses. The team landed on the “aerial” parts, namely the leaves of the plant, as most effective in overtaking Staph. Make sure to get organic goldenseal leaves and make a tea out of it. You can also buy goldenseal extract.
  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Eat Honey. It may sound overly simplistic, but perhaps people tout the two as effective agents against Staph because ACV alkalizes the body and also assists in flushing out toxins. Honey is antimicrobial and helps to fight infection. Braggs ACV (organic) recommends a cocktail containing a couple tablespoons of ACV with the same amount or more of honey (to taste) mixed in a tall glass of water for a cleansing morning and afternoon refreshment. It’s nice. You may might actually…like it.

*Note that goldenseal is generally recommended for no more than two weeks uninterrupted. To buy quality goldenseal check out Mountain Rose Herbs referenced in the sources below. Be sure to check with your doctor and communicate your intentions before adding garlic, goldenseal or any other treatment to your healing strategy.

In addition to these you can find a plethora of tips and advice including drinking lots of water (lukewarm, not cold), eliminating processed foods and high sugar products and getting plenty of sleep.

But rather than just leave you with a cosmic soup of options, allow me to introduce you to a couple who’s been through it and now make it their business to set others on a straight course for restoration.

Experts and Further Reading

Michelle and Les Moore call themselves “Ex-Pharmaceutical Scientists” and current Health Experts. After her own 4-year stint taking health depleting drugs to treat a staph infection, Michelle began researching alternative therapies. Her husband came alongside her.

While they honor their doctors, the couple now spends their time and resources educating people about the pitfalls of the conventional approach. Chief among them is what they call “one-size-fits-all” standard protocol treatments. Doctors may be limited by cost-cutting insurance companies who force them to prescribe generically. Yet, from person to person the infection brings diverse complications while each body has differing needs. The person’s medical history, age, health status and more all affect their response to drugs, and the necessary path to recovery.

To boot, since many medical doctors don’t have knowledge of alternative natural medicine, Les and Michelle say it may be in your hands to do the research and seek out critical information about options. To make it simpler for you they have books and free resources available to educate you about:

  • Potent natural remedies to kill the infection
  • How to counter the harmful effects of antibiotics
  • How to strengthen your immune defenses to prevent recurrence

They also want you to know how to speak to your doctor; which questions to ask; and when to get a second opinion. If you or someone you love has a Staph infection we highly recommend you get educated through the Staph-infection resources the Moores have created, and take it from there.

A portion of Les and Michelle’s proceeds go to the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), and Joel Osteen Ministries.

For more information and free resources about healing from Staph using natural therapies visit;

or to purchase “Michelle Moore’s MRSA Secrets Revealed Program” either for immediate download or  to have it shipped in print, check out



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