Sulfur is a chemical compound that play a large role in our lives and yet we go about, not understanding or valuing it. Sulfur is present in our cells and so it’s found in our hair, skin and nails, notwithstanding the organs and other systems as well. Sulfur is very crucial for our bodies because it is present in many amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. Moreover, it is known to reduce the pressure inside the cell and remove fluids and toxins as well, affecting the cell membrane positively.

But what does all of this have to do with Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM? MSM is the best form of sulfur that can be taken as a dietary supplement for health reasons. Where can MSM be found?

Sources of MSM

It’s a cycle all right. First the algae and sea plankton absorb inorganic sulfur and convert it into a simple organic form. When these die, their bodies breakdown into Dimethylsulfide or DMS. Since this is a volatile compound that doesn’t dissolve in water, it gets collected in the stratosphere, where it is oxidized into MSM. Since MSM is highly soluble in water it returns to the earth as rain, where it is absorbed by plant roots.

Some typical sources of MSM include rainwater, fresh fruit, vegetables and raw milk. MSM is lost when food is heated or when vegetables or fruits become stale. Also, since everyone drinks only pasteurized milk, chances are that the MSM contained in them is very small. This is the reason why MSM we get from nature is not enough, and we need MSM supplements.


MSM has a range of benefits that will surprise you because of their far reaching nature. But first of all, we need to understand that our bodies need MSM even for normal functioning of the body. For instance, MSM is a key ingredient in the formation of proteins. Also, connective tissue that holds the cells together contains sulfur and so, it is responsible for a proper communication network in the body. Sulfur is also a highly important substance when it comes to cell membrane permeability or in the all important enzymes that regulate the metabolic processes in our bodies.

However, researchers are now finding new evidence that connects MSM with various other benefits for the body. Here’s a look at some of these:

  • Reduce chronic pain – MSM is a natural painkiller and many people who have suffered from chronic pain have found much relief after using it. Some of the pains that have been alleviated with the help of MSM include lower back pains, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, carpal syndrome and scars due to burns or operations or accidents.
  • Reduces inflammation – MSM helps reduce the pressure inside tissue cells and flushes out harmful toxins, such as lactic acid, while absorbing nutrients. Since pressure build up is considerably reduced, inflammation and related pain is also abated.
  • Relief for arthritis – People suffering from arthritis know how difficult and enervating the rigidness of joints can become. MSM supplements have been known to reduce their pain significantly.
  • Prolonging beauty – MSM is also known as the ‘beauty mineral’ because of its ability to keep hair glossy and shiny while keeping the skin young. MSM prevents the skin from becoming tough and looking aged. It enhances the elasticity of tissues, by keeping skin smooth and wrinkle free.
  • Reducing acne – Many people who have been consistently troubled with acne have found much relief when using MSM supplements as the skin becomes permeable and pliant with MSM, as a result preventing the formation of unsightly scars.
  • Eliminating toxins – Our health is constantly on a downward spiral because of the numerous toxins that are housed inside our bodies. However, with regular intake of MSM, cells become more permeable and many toxins can be eliminated with the help of sweat glands itself. MSM is also known to reduce the action of parasites and so, they too are flushed out of the system, helping you stay healthier.
  • Balancing blood sugar – Since MSM helps the cells become permeable, it balances the blood sugar and regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, ensuring that insulin production is on the right track.
  • Antioxidant properties – Antioxidants sponge up free radicals that cause ageing and help retain youth. MSM is a good antioxidant which binds and renders free radicals inactive.
  • Decreased stress – Those regularly taking MSM have found that the stress levels in their bodies go down markedly, making them feel better, stronger with more endurance.

MSM is considered to be non-toxic and this is why it is considered safe even in a dosage range of 500mg to 6 gms per day. Organic MSM can be found in many natural foods that are raw but unfortunately its levels go down when it is cooked. That is why, there is need for dietary supplementation to meet the requirements of the body.


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