Kombucha – A Magic Potion Or A Toxic Drink?

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether Kombucha is a magic portion or a useless and even toxic drink. Scientists from all over the world have started to make research after research trying to reveal the mystery behind this ancient beverage. Thousands of years ago, people started drinking Kombucha and there is historic evidence to back it up. Kombucha has been reported to help against a large number of diseases, as a matter of fact, the number is so large that people get sceptical over it.

The Kombucha tea is gaining popularity all over the country at a tremendous pace. Now, with the trend of living and eating healthy, the growing interest in Kombucha seems quite normal as more and more people are turning to traditional medicine based on herbs. Some reporsts say that right now, more than three million Americans are growing the fungi.

When it gets fermented, Kombucha creates a sparkling beverage, similar to wine and apple juice in taste. Friends of the drink claim that it improves vitality, raises T-cell numbers, lowers blood pressure, eases aches and pains of arthritis. Others thouhg, share the opinion that it’s nothing more than a marketing trick and could even be dangerous.

Paul Stamets who works as a mycologist in Olympia, Washington says the following regarding Kombucha: “This is potent stuff and the risk for contamination is high. It could be a fabulous addition to drug therapies, but we have little idea of what it is, no idea what its side effects are and no doubt that it can become contaminated by spores in the air. You could kill yourself or your friends with a contaminated culture.” Yet, the Fedeal Food and Drug Administration has not received a single report of adverse reactions related to Kombucha.

Bottom line is that if Kombucha is not properly cultivated, there is a serious risk of contamination, so it’s important that you are able to acquire a safe Kombucha. The drink definitely works, since so many people are crazy about it, but it’s of critical importance to cultivate it carefully with the necessary know-how.

You can make Kombucha tea in your home at a really low cost. The entire preparation process is quite easily if you know what you’re doing. When you work clean and add the required substances in the right direction, there is no doubt that you will have an excellent Kombucha beverage. If you are following proven instructions, you can definitely produce a tasty and effective drink without any health risks involved.

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