Foods To Avoid After Exercise

In order for us to achieve the kind of health state that we have always dreamt of, a combination of various approaches should be employed. We have to combine effective modalities like maintaining a proper diet which is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, engaging in a regular exercise regimen, and keeping a positive outlook towards life. However, what most of us still don’t know, there are some foods that if we take immediately after exercise would have a corresponding effect on our body and will hinder us from our quest of attaining a fit and healthy body. These groups of foods could alter fat metabolism after your regular dose of exercise.

Recent health studies are now on the verge of fully discovering the effects of immediate intake of carbohydrate-rich foods after engaging in an exercise program. Based on the findings of some of the research studies, it was found out that a low carbohydrate diet after exercise could relevantly affect your sensitivity towards insulin therefore, will give way to a more effective metabolism of fat. So if you want to reap the good effects of the relevant finding that was unleashed you must follow these 2 simple advices.

No carbohydrates 2 hours after exercise

Make sure not to consume any carbohydrate-rich foods two hours after a strenuous activity. According to one of the articles published in the HGH Magazine, avoiding drinks and foods that contain ample amount of fructose after exercise is very helpful in your quest of a leaner and healthier body. The article was based on the findings of the study conducted by a physiologist that showed that levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) declined after drinking sweetened drinks within the two hour period post exercise.

It is very necessary to reiterate that efficient HGH production is very essential for an aerobic activity to become successful because an increase in HGH production would also mean that fat metabolism will be enhanced. For optimum results to be achieved, it is very vital to control intake of high caloric and high glycemic foods after exercise because these foods will hinder you from loosing fats faster.

Fruit Juices and sweetened drinks should be avoided

One of the worst errors of those individuals who fervently want to lose weight is to drink sugary fluids and foods soon after their vigorous exercise program. People who engage in such practice will surely fail in their quest of achieving a healthier and leaner self. As we all know, one of the main effects of an exercise regimen is to convert your fat reserves into energy to sustain you from you strenuous program. However, this salient effect of exercise will be altered once you consume sugary foods and drinks immediately after exercising.

Stick with protein, good fat and high fiber foods such as nuts, seeds, meats and vegetables. While these may require a little more time to prepare, they’ll fill you up fast and allow you to maximize the benefits of your training.

You can avoid the pitfalls made by so many people who rely on exercise to stay healthy and lose weight. Avoid all sweetened drinks and processed carbs which have a devastating effect on your fat burning metabolism and HGH level. Substitute water and naturally low carb foods in the 2 hour post workout period to optimize the weight loss and health benefits from your exercise sessions.

Achieving a healthy body really needs discipline and comprehensive knowledge with regards to the different processes that is going on in our bodies. One simple mistake that we will commit could have a great impact to our body thus; we have to be very vigilant at all times.



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