Why Having a Fitness Support Group is Important for Success

Why Having a Fitness Support Group is Important for Success

If you’ve ever tried hitting the gym, jogging regularly, or otherwise getting active to get fit, then you know how hard it can be to stick to it. Odds are, it was much easier back in school when P.E. was mandatory, or when you had to practice with the team.

As an adult, you’re on your own; you have to find your own motivation and keep yourself accountable, and sometimes that can be difficult. The solution, for many of us, may be returning to what made it so easy back in the day: teamwork.

The old adage tells us, “the more, the merrier,” and the same is true in fitness. Often, if you want to get the most out of your exercise efforts, you’ll need to team-up. It’s just a matter of determining how many people you want on your team.

The Buddy System

Have you ever noticed that you get more done when you’re hanging out with a friend? Sometimes just having someone to talk to can give us that boost of motivation we have been lacking, empowering us to make things happen. The same is true for fitness. Having gone to the gym with a buddy, or going for a run as a couple, can help us stay motivated. What’s more, if your partner is as committed to getting fit as you are, they can help keep you accountable, and keep you from making excuses. They also can push you to work harder and give your best.

Find someone who’s not afraid to put their energy into it, and who’s not going to be a downer. Few can keep up momentum in the face of a whiner, and it can be hard to stay on it when your partner always is trying to hold back and do less. Push each other, and encourage a little more effort each day.

The Team Effort

Sometimes it takes a village. Many people benefit from seeing a whole crowd of familiar faces each time they clock in to work out. From as few as three to as many as a football team, you likely will benefit from the camaraderie of a support group for the same reason as bringing a buddy along. Knowing your co-workers will tease you if you don’t make it to the gym during lunch will help you keep your commitment. Knowing you’ll be working out with people you like seeing will make you excited to go. Sharing a personal trainer will help inspire you to keep going and never let up (plus it’s more cost-effective).

No matter your fitness goals, take a moment to assess your health, determine your objectives, and grab a friend. Now is the time to take the first step toward living the life you’ve always dreamed.

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