Dental Implants Versus Dentures – everything you need to know:

dental implants

If you suffer tooth loss, or ongoing dental issues, the impact can be equally as psychological as it is physical. Dental implants are becoming one of the most reliable solutions for tooth loss and dental problems in the UK, but how do they compare to dentures?

Why do we need to replace our missing teeth?

Everything you need to know:

The human mouth has 32 teeth including the four wisdom teeth and all are equally important. Some believe a full set of teeth is a cosmetic feature, but teeth are incredibly important for many reasons. Primarily, teeth are important tools used to assist with the digestive process. Without teeth to chew our food, more sinister and ongoing digestive problems can occur, which is why people are turning to solutions such as dental implants and dentures when they lose a tooth.

Along with assisting with the digestive process, teeth also support the facial structure. without the full solid structure, remaining teeth begin becoming misaligned and facial features begin becoming distorted, which impacts confidence and speech.

Dental implants versus dentures, the ongoing debate:

You should consider numerous factors when comparing dental implants to dentures. For example, how healthy and strong are your jaw and gums? How permanent would you like the solution to be? And how much are you willing to spend on the procedure?

Dentures and dental implants serve a similar purpose, restoring normal digestive function, but in method and practice, they are unequivocally different. Dentures are non-intrusive, removable dental appliances made of either acrylic, nylon or metal; whereas dental implants are made out of porcelain with a titanium root that is bonded to the gums.

Due to the materials they are made of and the fitting process, dental implants are slightly more expensive than dentures, but provide longevity and maintain facial and dental structure.

Dentures could be the best choice for people whose gums or jaw are weak, since they are non-intrusive. However, if you have a strong jaw and gums that are healthy, then dental implants are arguably more beneficial.

Are dental implants safe?

The question answered:

Dental implants are made out of porcelain to simulate the sensation of having a real tooth. They are bound to the gums using a titanium root. This material is extremely safe to use as an implant because it almost never is rejected by the body. Additionally, there are no speculative or evidential causes or links to cancer or other health problems.

For a long-term and more secure solution to tooth loss and dental issues, dental implants are quickly becoming the UK’s favorite and most trusted solution.

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