10 Insanely Awesome Colostrum Benefits That Will Have You Running To The Supermarket

Nature’s first food colostrum, is a thin yellow liquid secreted from the mammary glands of all mammals during the first few days after birth. It provides an array of concentrated antibodies and nutrients, helping infants grow and thrive.

Colostrum is vital for developing strong immunity and providing essential building blocks for strength and growth.  It contains high levels of protein molecules, known as factors, that regulate cell division, enhance cell growth and reparation, protect against infection and promote brain development.

In nature, Colostrum is intended to give infants the best start in life, but what if it could provide the same kinds of benefits to you? Fortunately, Bovine colostrum is available in powder form that tastes great, and it nearly identical to human colostrum in molecular structure.

Here are 10 colostrum benefits that may actually surprise you!

1. Enhances Immunity

Colostrum provides numerous immune factors, including immunoglobulins IgA, IgD and IgE that act as natural antivirals. Found in blood serum and mucous membranes; these large molecules provide a first line of defense by attaching themselves to foreign invaders and killing them.

colostrum banner2. Fat Burning & Metabolism Regulation

Colostrum contains Leptin and IgF-1, two key components that work to regulate metabolism, control appetite and convert fat into usable energy. Although not a miracle pill for weight loss, when combined with proper diet and exercise, colostrum can assist with losing excess fat and maintaining proper weight.

3. Building Muscle

Many athletes supplement with Colostrum due to it’s proven ability to help build muscle.  A scientific study published in the March 2001 Nutrition Journal showed that colostrum, combined with regular training, increases lean body mass in active men and women.

4. Tissue Repair

Colostrum speeds healing and aids tissue repair. The growth factors contained within build and regenerate bone, tendon, muscle and other vital tissue.  Athletes often supplement not only to help build lean muscle mass, but to aid recovery after strenuous workouts and sports related injuries. Colostrum is widely used by professional athletes because it is legal and safe. The International Olympic Committee considers it to be a food substance.

5. Increased Energy

Increased absorption of nutrients, a well-regulated metabolism and improved immunity increase overall energy and vitality. Many users report feeling increased physical energy and mental clarity with regular daily use.

6. Relieves Diarrhea

Colostrum contains immunoglobulin isolates that are able to successfully treat diarrhea caused by pathogens that are often untreatable with conventional antibiotics.  This is especially beneficial to AIDS patients who often suffer from diarrhea and weight loss that make them susceptible to other infections.

7. Promotes GI Health and Assists with Ulcers and Acid Reflux

Colostrum has been shown to interrupt H. pylori, a bacteria known to cause gastric ulcers, intestinal inflammation and gastritis. It has also been shown in human studies to protect the stomach and intestinal wall from NSAID induced gut injury and from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

8. Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Amino acids called proline-rich polypeptides have been shown in studies to be an effective preventative measure against Alzheimer’s and other age-related cognitive decline. PRP’s help the body prevent the buildup of beta amyloid, a protein fragment that accumulates and forms hard plaques in the brain of those with Alzheimer’s.

9. Anti-Aging Benefits

Many people take daily multivitamins and minerals to give the body what it needs and that’s a very good idea. Colostrum also gives the body what it needs by replenishing growth factors that protect against disease, stimulate tissue growth and promote the formation of healthy new cells.  All of these contribute to longevity. Colostrum is also a rich source of nucleosides, important contributors for the formation of DNA.

10. Helps Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis

Colostrum is anti-inflammatory and also helps aid in the reparation of soft tissue, making it an effective treatment for arthritis. In addition the Proline-rich polypeptides (PRP’s) in Colostrum have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation caused by a variety of autoimmune diseases. They help to regulate immune response.

Colostrum is a safe supplement that can be used by adults, children and even pets.  There are no known serious side-effects. Colostrum contains low levels of lactose and is tolerated well by most. Those with lactose intolerance may experience minor discomfort if consuming colostrum large doses.

Based on all these incredible colostrum benefits, wouldn’t you want to include it in your diet?
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Book: Prescription for Nutritional Healing an A to Z Guide to Supplements by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC






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