Amazing Secrets of the Acerola Berry

Mother Nature has given us some wonderful gifts. Some of these we have used and misused, and some we are not even aware of. The acerola berry is one such marvelous gift whose true value is coming out into the open only in recent times. This berry has all the benefits that berries provide but a look at all the scientific research that has been conducted proves that these are no ordinary berries.

Most commonly, we find the acerola berry n North and South America – more the latter than the former because of the tropical landscape where it flourishes with ease. It’s also found in Caribbean islands and many growers have managed to cultivate the acerola tree in Florida as well.

Dark and deliciously red, this berry is also known as the Barbados cherry, Cereso and Antilles cherry among other names. It has a sweet and sour taste, much like citrus fruits. But what’s amazing is that has 32 times as much Vitamin C as orange juice, so it’s more powerful than your regular citrus fruits like grapefruit and limes.

The acerola berry can be eaten fresh but you can also add it to smoothies, jams, syrups and jellies. There’s no end to the different ways in which this berry can be added to your diet and if you’re an inventive cook or baker, you’ll find numerous ways to incorporate it into your family’s food.

How it helps

  • Since it is so full of vitamin C, the acerola berry is extremely helpful in making sure that your immune system becomes strong. So, naturally it helps keep away colds and flu. Since our body cannot produce or store vitamin C and bioflavonoids, fruits such as the acerola berry help in restocking those levels, and together they enhance blood circulation and help the body fight against illnesses.

  • The vitamin C in acerola has another important use. It helps the body in forming collagen which is the basis for connective tissue and skin. Naturally, it also helps in healing wounds.

  • As the acerola berry is chockfull of vitamin C, it can protect the body from free radicals which are the root causes of diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

  • If you’re diabetic, then the acerola berry is very good for you as it can reduce the blood sugar to reasonable levels. Acerola berries contain polyphenols which help greatly in reducing blood sugar.

  • Acerola berries can help fight cancers such as those of the lung, colon, stomach and others as well. This is because of the high level of antioxidants that they contain which help in fighting free radicals.

  • One more interesting use of the acerola berry is strengthening teeth and bones.  Acerola berries have a few vitamins which help greatly in protecting and rebuilding teeth and bones. This is especially helpful if you’re suffering from brittle bones and chipped teeth.

  • Most skin products that are being made to treat conditions such as melasma contain acerola berry extracts in them. The acerola berries are ideal for treating skin discoloration as well because the high content of vitamin C in them lowers the production of melanin which makes the skin dark.

  • You can maintain acidity levels in your body with the help of acerola berries and this also aids the process of digestion.

  • When combined with soya, the acerola berries can even help in lowering cholesterol.

  • Since these berries are low on sugar, they make an excellent snack which even helps you lose weight.

Acerola berries are every health conscious person’s dream come true. These berries make you feel good and look good as well.  While most people prefer to eat them fresh, it’s perfectly fine to get the frozen version as well. Apart from using the berries as fillings for pies, tarts and cookies, you can steep them in hot water and drink the resultant tea type of preparation.

If you can’t find acerola berries in your city, then it’s not a bad idea to try and grow them as well. Acerola berries can grow in your backyard, provided you live in a warm climate. Typically found in countries such as Puerto Rico, Texas, Mexico and the Caribbean, this berry has made a huge comeback in recent times.

Good to know:

Acerola berries are one of the most important nutrients that inhibit stress significantly. These berries fight aging, boost levels of vitamin C in the body and make you look and feel younger.

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