6 Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Recipes Everyone Should Try

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes That Got Everyone Cooking In 2017

From a cooking oil that will make everything you eat anti-inflammatory to a choicest go-to smoothie, here are the best anti-inflammatory recipes that were all the rage in 2017. Get cooking with these six winning recipes from MindBodyGreen.com.

We love anti-inflammatory, super-functional recipes here and publish them regularly so you can get the most out of your food. This year, we went through over 50 recipes to find the ones that tasted amazing, had unique ingredients, were easy to make—and of course, that you absolutely loved. Here are the six recipes that took the top slots this year.

Kate Hudson’s Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Soup

This bone-broth-based soup, designed by Kate Hudson’s former chef Amber Rose, is the perfect warming winter meal. “This heavenly bowl of goodness really is a delicious way to nourish yourself when you are under the weather or just feeling depleted, exhausted, and overtired,” Rose says.

“Any recipe prepared with broth provides nourishment, but the ingredients in this soup give added benefit if you are feeling poorly or need some TLC. This is a perfect bowl of warming goodness for those rainy and cold wintry days when sustenance of the highest order is completely necessary.” Get the anti-inflammatory soup recipe here.

Gut-Healing Salmon & Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe: Gut-Healing Salmon & Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Your gut and your inflammation levels work in synchronicity, so it’s no surprise that this nutritionist-designed dinner bowl is perfect for balancing and healing both. “Eating a whole-food diet filled with probiotics and anti-inflammatory foods is key for optimal gut health, and this bowl will help you do just that!” best-selling author and mbg class instructor Jessica Sepel says.

“Gluten and dairy-free, this bowl will soothe your digestive system with turmeric and salmon’s anti-inflammatory power. It’s filled with nutrients and fiber (so important for feeding those healthy bacteria) from the greens and liver-detoxifying enzymes in cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.” Get the full gut-healing, inflammation-busting dinner recipe here.

Green Tea Latte Overnight Oats

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe: Green Tea Latte Overnight Oats

These overnight oats are a veritable treasure trove of anti-inflammatory ingredients, from secret spinach (which contributes to that gorgeous green color!) to healthy fat-filled chia and hemp seeds. Then there’s the anti-inflammatory superstar: green tea. “Tea is a great way to incorporate subtle and interesting flavors into everyday recipes,” holistic nutritionist Ashley Madden explains.

“Certain teas also carry with them a long list of health benefits, most notably their contribution of antioxidants. This green breakfast bowl is made with the poster child of health-supportive teas—green tea.” Get the green tea latte overnight oats recipe here.

Turmeric-Infused Coconut Oil

This oil can sub for any of your cooking oils, making everything you eat more anti-inflammatory. Turmeric-infused oil makes so much sense because turmeric is best absorbed when combined with a fat, black pepper, and ginger. Since it has taken its place in my cupboard, I’ve used this several times a week, when making eggs, smoothies, sauteed vegetables, and more. Get the turmeric-infused coconut oil recipe here.

Pineapple & Grapefruit Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe: Pineapple & Grapefruit Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie

Our health editor, Gretchen Lidicker, swears by this anti-inflammatory combination of ginger, cilantro, green tea, grapefruit, and more. “I love using pineapple because of its high levels of bromelain, which helps fight inflammation and allergies,” she explains. There’s also a ton of protein, fat, and fiber in this smoothie, which will keep your blood sugar stable and help balance hormones. Get the full anti-inflammatory green smoothie recipe here.

Karlie Kloss’ Pumpkin Turmeric Smoothie

Supermodel Karlie Kloss designed this smoothie when she was training for the New York City Marathon. The drink combines pumpkin, turmeric, coconut milk, and spices for a smoothie that tastes, essentially, like liquid pumpkin pie. The pumpkin contains vitamin A and tons of fiber, making it great for your skin and gut health, and the turmeric—well, you already know what a powerful inflammation fighter the super spice is.

The coconut milk offers a satiety-inducing fat, which is also necessary to absorb fat-soluble vitamin A. Our only suggested change? Adding a bit of black pepper to the recipe—the piperine, combined with fat, makes turmeric way more bioavailable. Get Karlie Kloss’ Pumpkin Turmeric Smoothie recipe here.

Source: The Best Anti-Inflammatory Recipes Of 2017 – mindbodygreen

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