5 Benefits of Maca You Need to Know


Known for its adaptogenic properties, maca can be used in everything from smoothies to baked goods. This post from POPSUGAR Fitness Australia shares 5 reasons why you need maca in your life.

Powdered superfoods are having a huge moment, just look at turmeric. While the orange powder works wonders for digestion and weight-loss support, if you’re after some other nutritional benefits or can’t seem to get around the taste, maca might be just what you need.

What Is Maca?

A root vegetable native to Peru, maca has an earthy, nutty flavour and is most commonly found in powder form. Known as the “Peruvian ginseng”, it has traditionally been consumed in the Andean culture for centuries for its adaptogenic properties. As its name suggests, adaptogens essentially help the body “adapt” — to disease, stress, toxins, fatigue and other environmental factors, as well as promoting hormonal balance in the body. And you don’t need to go out of your way to eat it either, maca can easily be used in everything from smoothies and baked goods, to yoghurt and cereal.

The Benefits of Maca

  • Energy and mood boosting. Because it is rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and protein, maca is great for lifting energy and mood levels, not to mention increasing endurance and stamina. It has also been known to reduce stress levels and regulate anxiety.
  • Enhancing libido. If your sex drive needs a bit of a kick, maca can make arousal easier by regulating your sex hormones.
  • Menstrual relief. Maca works to regulate hormones and promote endocrine balance, which can alleviate symptoms of PMS and cramps. This is also beneficial during menopause to reduce hot flashes, sleep irregularities and night sweats.
  • Improved skin. Maca improves cell and collagen stimulation, giving way to more radiant, firmer and softer skin.
  • Better bone density. A rich source of calcium, iron and potassium, maca can help in promoting bone density and reducing osteoporosis.

Source: What Is Maca? | POPSUGAR Fitness Australia

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