The “4-Horsemen” Of Bodily Breakdown and How To Prevent Them At Their Root

If you’ve ever been to Church, then surely you’ve heard of the “4 horse riders…”

Or commonly known as the “4-Horsemen”.

…And of course, how they are symbolic descriptions of different events which take place at the “end of times”.

Well this isn’t about your personal religious standpoints (nor would I attempt to intrude there)… it’s about their symbolism and REAL WORLD PROMINENCE in your health!

(Your religious beliefs are your business. But getting you healthier is our business…)

Because when your body isn’t running at “optimum” levels… there are FOUR main culprits that influence bodily breakdown.

Here, we’re going to refer to them as — “THE 4 HORSEMEN”

Here’s a brief synopsis of each of the four…


We get our cellular & bodily energy from ATP. ATP Energy is the currency of our body’s life. To heal and maintain proper function, you MUST be producing adequate bodily energy.

ATP is also affected by a properly functioning “Krebs-cycle’ – which is a series of reactions that have been catalyzed by enzymes — which is an aerobic process that produces ATP by breaking down glucose — as well as all metabolites, other sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids.

Enzymes and ATP energy are vital, as your cells need energy to function, survive and perform their necessary tasks.


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An abundance of calcium disrupts your sodium potassium pump, cellular balance, causes arterial calcification or hardening of the arteries, muscle contraction dangers, joint pain, anxiety, compromised cognition, blood sugar problems, fatigue, etc…

Not only do you get build up in your joints, tissues & muscles — which cause various aches & pains, but you ALSO get “calcium plaque” buildup in your arteries. This is why “Calcification” is also thought to be a major factor in Heart Disease — that’s what happens when your body is over-calcified.

Calcification is extremely dangerous. And it’s common. When your body “calcifies”, your tissues and organs begin turning to stone.


Over 90% of American Adults alone, suffer from inadequate or poor quality sleep. I my opinion, there is not a singular better way to keep your body in healthy, optimal condition, then adequate sleep. A recent study and experts even quoted that — if we lose just one night of sleep, our metabolism temporarily ages unto 30 YEARS!

Our society is massively and chronically sleep deprived from over work and over stress. If we don’t get adequate sleep — our bodies can’t efficiently deal with all the stressors our bodies incur on a daily basis.


We take in a wide array on toxins on a daily basis. From the billions of pounds of “rubber dust” that permeates our air from automobiles, to heavy metals in vaccines, dental fillings, fish and processed food and drink…To BPA and various hormone-disrupters in plastics… to formaldehydes and PCB’s from off-gassing carpet and furnitures… to chemically-induced tap water — to GMO’s, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in our food.

In fact, the average person has over 50 detectable toxins in their blood from pesticides that haven’t been used for OVER 50 YEARS!!

If we can’t deal with and eliminate toxicity daily — we are TOAST.

So there are your “4-Horsemen” of bodily breakdown…

Your main culprits of disease, sleep-sabotage, joint & muscular pain, bodily breakdown, and ENERGY drain.

I challenge you to find a really unhealthy or sick person — that does not have several of these issues…

They almost always have ALL 4.

However, there is a simple way for you to take a BIG SLICE out of ALL 4 of these health-sabotaging culprits…

It’s simple: completely replete your magnesium.

Let me explain…

Here are some cliff-notes on why magnesium is the backbone if each one of these areas of vulnerability:

ATP Energy

Magnesium is our key to producing ATP energy. Just like when your car is low on gas — your body gets low on energy, when your fuel reserve of Magnesium is low. Enzymes are also key to driving the “krebs-cycle” necessary to produce ATP! *See below


When you restore your magnesium levels properly — you’ll dissolve and release displaced and harmful calcium.

Sleep Deprivation

Proper replenishment of magnesium can work wonders for sleep, supporting deep REM sleep and rapid eye movement.

Eliminating Waste

Magnesium is key to our cellular detox. If your body is to dispose of cellular waste, you need sufficient magnesium. Enzymes help breakdown this waste, and magnesium is required for over 330 enzymatic processes in our body!

Further, magnesium regulates our “sodium-potassium” pump — which ensures our proper mineral ratio in our cells. Without a proper ratio, we can’t efficiently eliminate cellular waste.

The Biggest Problem of All

The “major root” at the baseline of these issues — is insufficient magnesium.

You’ve likely heard how “80% of us are chronically deficient in magnesium”… but the truth is — Magnesium deficiency AFFECTS US ALL.

— In this video presentation, I go over all the reasons why (which will alleviate all doubt in your head) — as well as covering the “4 Horsemen” in greater detail — and how to overcome them, as I did less than 10 years ago…




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