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If we look back into history we can see that many well respected scientists and philosophers such as Newton, Pythagoras, Einstein, Plato and civilizations such as the Ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians dedicated their lives to exploring and studying numbers and their importance in our lives. It is also interesting that if we study nature we can see mathematical patterns (fractals) emerge.

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Blair’s core passion is working with individuals to help them attain perspective about their lives, make better decisions, and maximize their potential.

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2011 Personal Year Forecasts

2010 marks the end of a 3 Universal Year which means that many of us made new friends and contacts and spent a great deal of our time socializing. As we go in to 2011, which if you reduce it adds up to a 4, the overall theme is going to being getting back to fulfilling our obligations. Hard work of a mental or physical nature will be required of almost every number this year. In 2011 it is going to be time to get serious.

However aside from the Universal Year number (4), the year 2011 is also going to add up to a Personal Year Number for you as well.

Your Personal Year numbers are considered to be a twelve month long interlude in an epicycle that consists of the nine numbers. These Personal Year numbers run concurrently with the calendar year which has its own personal year number.

For instance let’s say that your birthdates is June 7, 1960.

The Universal Year calculation for 2011 is 2+0+1+1= 4

Your Life Path number is 6+7+1+9+6+0 = 29 =2+9= 11 = 1+1 = 2

You add your 2 Life Path number to the Universal Year number 4 and you get a 6.

4 (Universal Year) +2 (Life Path number) = 6 (2011 Personal Year)

Use the form below to calculate…

Month of BirthDay Of BirthYear of BirthLife Path Total
(adding all to create a single digit number)








Life Path TotalUniversal Year2011 Personal Year Number
(adding all to create a single digit number)


2011 Personal Year Reading (click on your 2011 personal year number below)

Personal Year 1

If you are a one that is also going through a number 1 year you have a lot to look forward to.

Your rise will be rapid and profitable the drawback of this is that there may be a surplus of that driven number 1 energy. This could annoy people who are close to you because they may not understand why you insist on being so independent. This might be particularly true in January.

In February loved ones may feel ignored and old friends may not recognize “the new year” or accuse you of forgetting your roots. As much as success beckons it will imperative to spend some time with family or friends or you could offend them.

By March, be ready for major changes. You will be propelled by fate towards starting new projects or enterprises. You will feel a strong forward push towards new goals. Be open minded and organized.

April is a time to do research, to establish a new vision and travel and plan. You will be the driving force behind your dreams. Your new found independence will inspire others. Be decisive!

May will be your optimum time to be start a new family if you are so inclined. If not a new family, a new business or work of art or something with your name on it is likely going to be part of your life.

June promises to be a very creative month for you. You may find yourself with a case of wanderlust. Do not be surprised if you find yourself embarking on a solo journey that somehow has to do with your self-improvement.

Six months into the year you are going to start seeing rewards for your hard work in the form of a raise, money or increased royalties. July may also see you signing an important contract; possibly a business agreement or marriage.

By August you will be streamlining your “new system of living” and making sure that it will work for you. You will be feeling very happy and satisfied. Many of you will have a new career doing what you love.

In September you will be merrily reaping the rewards of your hard work both in terms of reputation and finances. The labor you experienced through the first part of the year will start to pay off. This is also a good time for you to make changes in your personal life such as start a diet or exercise program.

In October, you may feel like you are starting from scratch when it comes to your personal life, but it is okay to strike out by yourself. November could possibly bring you a new business partner. By December a great idea of yours is destined for recognition or fame!

Remember that you are starting a new nine year cycle. Everything you do now will affect your future. Do not hold back the inner force of creation. Be direct, daring and confident.

Personal Year 2

The focus is on relationships whether it be for better or worse. Many of you could fall in love. Some people also break up if they get too close and are prone to codependency.

You start out the year as the star of the show. January is going to showcase your personality or talent off to others. You will be invited to all kinds of social events; for some of you this will bring love and for others this will make you distant from a partner.

February presents challenges. A relationship may not be going well. It could be due to jealousy. Yet another issue could be your health or an addiction. This is a pattern that repeats itself again in November. Still the Personal 2 year guarantees that you will find the help that you need to get through it all.

By March you might find yourself taking a break from an overwhelming situation. It may be more important for you to strike out on your own and meet new contacts then it will be for your to humor or nurture existing relationships.

In April you will feel more like finding your roots or connecting with your family. You will want to entertain and be entertained. It will be a time of appreciating your friends and all that you have.

In May you might find yourself isolating from a problematic relationship. You may feel smothered or like someone is preventing you from getting ahead. Some might be separating and moving on. It may be hard not to feel “scattered” or depressed.

In June some people going through a personal year of 2 are likely to tie the knot. If you are involved with an important project it may get the funding or “okay” it needs to go ahead.

In July you could experience some delays and disappointments if you are disciplined and focused. Some of you could be recognizing the need to let go of a relationship for good. Once free, August brings you a new chance to strike out on your own without a personal obstacle that may have been holding you back.

In September you will be able to attract whoever you want – however you may be more interested in giving a relationship that you thought was over a second chance. By October things will feel like they are moving forward at a fast pace. However as much as people may be trying to pry information out of you it is best to be secretive and discreet about your plans.

You will probably end this year with many of your emotional issues resolved. By December you may decide to be more independent and less indulgent emotionally or sexually.

The 2 Year is usually educational or karmic in some way; not so much fun as intense. Choose your companions wisely as the ups and downs it offers will require the support of good friends.

Personal Year of 3

In general, this is an optimistic and enthusiastic year. The time will just fly by you will feel like you are having so much fun. It is also often a good financial year particularly if you surround yourself with positive people.

Although you will begin the year feeling loved and appreciated January could bring financial hardships or health challenges that could bring some delays and disappointments. However there will be friends around to keep you company and you will quickly find the medical or financial support that you need to get through this trying time.

February brings you an opportunity to travel; it is possible that you will be combining business with pleasure. However you are to avoid a temptation towards infidelity that month if you are married. It’s all probably not a good idea to keep secrets at this time.

March brings financial prosperity and exciting new business contacts. It will be hard not to catch Spring Fever in April but if you buckle down and apply all of your attention to a project you will be richly rewarded. It is a great yea

In May you may have to curb a tendency toward self-indulgence. It is okay to be a bit extreme occasionally but if you are a bit too reckless than you could sabotage all you were working towards in the spring. You might also have to deal with a sabotaging personal habit at this time such as drinking or overeating.

June could bring a soul mate, as well as an opportunity to further your education. By July you could find yourself planning to set off in an entirely new direction in life. You will be excited about starting a brand new enterprise completely from scratch.

The good news is that you will probably not be alone as you end the summer with plans to build a new empire with someone beloved by your side. You could also be more emotional than usual.

Love is definitely in the air and in October be prepared to be the life of the party. The spotlight will be on you so make the best of all of the positive attention you are getting so try to look the best that you possibly can.

By November, however, all of this attention will catch up with you if you do not pace yourself and take care of yourself. By the end of the year you will be on an entirely new path and barely recognize yourself as being the same person that you were in December 2010.

All in all the timing is right for you to strike out on your own, especially if you are an artist or in a creative field. In love you will also be lucky, but possibly a little too lucky – watch out for a love triangle that could develop, especially in August and September.

Personal Year of 4

If you are experiencing a personal year of 4 going to finally have the opportunity to address a health challenge. The year favors healers of the brilliant medical sort so if you need a good doctor you will find one.

In January you may be looking at an agenda that entails a great deal of work-related travel. You may be feeling a bit lonely but don’t worry because in February you will be travelling a great deal for family reason. However March is likely to find you isolated again mostly because you might be digging into a mountain of necessary work. Still this reshaping of your life is going to bring you a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that will make the loneliness and long hours all worthwhile.

In April you will receive a great deal of recognition and admiration for your self-sacrificing and hard-working ways. This is also one of your most lucrative months. It is a good time buy real-estate, rent an apartment or remodel your home. Trading and selling is favored but gambling is not; you can be rich but you will have to earn every penny you make.

The summer may find you on the road again however this time you will be travelling for pleasure. It is very likely that you will be spending a great deal of time with children or somehow be put in a role where you are babysitting. Pets will also figure heavily into the picture.

By July you will be obligated to be back at work again, but this time you will be in more of a leadership position. Opportunities to make more of you in life with abound so be sure to “make hay while the sun is shining.”

In August love is in the air and you may find yourself spending a lot of time with one person. The challenge may be to not make this a relationship that excludes other people.

Although it is tempting to focus on love and your social life in September be sure to keep disciplined on track at work. You can’t please everyone all of the time so you must prioritize and pace yourself. In October you could feel like the walls are closing in and like you can’t go on. A break or vacation might be in order at this time. Health issues could also be a concern in October as well.

November could bring more opportunities for work-related travel and in December it is highly likely that you might be taking a long vacation or travelling to see friends or relatives who live far away.

This will be a year of hard work but there will be some time for play. It is crucial that you fulfill your obligations and try to build a more solid foundation for your finances and body.

Personal Year of 5

This is a year of unpredictable extremes. Expect a lot of travel and exciting new relationships but also a whole new set of unique new challenges and problems. Many people break up during a year 5 or face a change of residence.

In January the focus will be on family and pets. You will be low key and possibly a bit depressed. The feeling of discontent magnifies as the days progress into February. Current relationships and hobbies may not interest you as they have before and you may feel like striking out on your own to explore new terrain.

By March the focus is on money especially money that is part of a joint partnership. You may be restructuring your life so that it is more profitable. Some may be going through a divorce or reorganizing a business. The point of it all will be to help you find more freedom in life.

In April you are likely to travel, strictly for pleasure. There may be a bit of a spiritual quest or you might be trying to further your own education. You will need to spend more time alone in order to ground yourself and decide what it is you really want to focus on in life.

In May you might decide to start your own business or try to make money doing something that you love. In June a partner comes along that helps encourage you to make your dreams come through. June is also a good time for you to find a new relationship or strengthen the one you can.

July is a month of temptation for you. Too much food, alcohol or sex could throw you off your path. Over indulging at this time could lead to serious ruptures in your relationships.

In August you will more than likely be spending a great deal of time with family, or rather spending a great deal of time trying to escape family. Feeling smothered by these responsibilities may have you wanting to isolate yourself for a while in September. Taking a trip is also probably likely at this time.

October is lucky for you financial and an excellent time for you to invest in a new property. It is also your best time to get married. Visits to older relatives are also indicated in October and throughout November when your ancestry is more important to you.

In December you may find yourself starting off on a new adventure. It is also highly likely that you will be spending Christmas or New Year’s alone or travelling. Many of you might also have an exciting new job or project to focus on by then.

Finally, this is a year when you can get away with more risks than usual. It is okay to gamble a little and also take more chances for love.

Personal Year of 6

A year six is usually one of financial prosperity. Usually new career opportunities present themselves. However usually increased responsibilities are also part of the deal. However wonderful rewards are yours if you do not shun the new.

You may feel a bit depressed and like isolating in January. It could be that you feel like you need this time to rebalance yourself and assess your priorities. By February your focus is on someone who is very special somehow who may need your assistance. This is your time when you will be called upon to be the proverbial friend in need.

March will find you expanding your horizons as you try and find a way to give back to the community. You may have an opportunity to teach or do some public speaking. Spiritual and religious matters may interest you more than usual. You may feel driven by a special inspiration or feel that what must be done is your “calling” or mission. Love will be the driving force behind your ability to succeed.

April could find you working very hard to make the kind of money needed to keep those you love, and perhaps an entire community supported. Starting a business is also favored during this time. By May you could also find a partner who is willing to invest or run a business with you. May is also your best month to apply for credit.

June could bring a baby or marriage into your life or good news regarding a relative. Very happy times with friends and family are indicated throughout June and July. Although you will be sticking close to home and working hard you will feel so gratified that you will not want to trade places with anyone else.

August you must watch out for exhaustion. Pace yourself and realize that you cannot please everyone all of the time.

By September you will be feeling quite pleased with positive financial developments. You will be working in an atmosphere of mental health, harmony and balance. Many of you will be basking in the appreciation and respect of your family and community.

October could bring a period where very hard work is required in order for you to take a project through to the next level. Even though this leaves you less time for family and friends you will be motivated by the knowledge that what is good for you is ultimately also going to be good for them – especially financially. The rewards for this diligence in November will be reflected in your ability to invest further or buy real estate.

The year ends on a very spiritual note with a sense of completion and gratification for all the gifts that 2011 has given you. The key is to eagerly embrace each new thing that life brings you this year and not fear having to work hard to get ahead.

Personal Year of 7

A personal year of 7 often creates a need to spend more time alone in reflection or meditation. You might feel more depressed or like you have a need to escape the world. Some people also become very obsessed with one particular creative project or one person during a 7 Personal Year.

In January your money picture becomes much brighter. You will be pleased to hear of some kind of inheritance or grant that helps you slow down a bit so you can take the time to take care of yourself and do a bit of soul searching. By February you will be able to follow up with a spiritual quest and presented with an opportunity to investigate a matter that has to do with the occult or spirituality more intensely.

March is the ideal time to strike out on your own, look for a new job or start a fitness program. Many people realize experience strange and unusual events at this time that nudge them onto their true path. Although the changes are uncomfortable at times they serve to break bad habits that may be holding us back.

In April you may be consumed by a brilliant idea and looking for ways to rearrange your life so that it can accommodate your grand plans. May will likely be the most social time for you in 2011.The universe will probably manifest kindred spirits and people who can help you accomplish your dreams?

June could bring a period of hardship. You may face a lot of criticism or feel misunderstood. Take care of yourself as you are more prone to health problems at this time. July could also bring bit problems in your interpersonal relationships. You could be dealing with addictive or unhealthy people or people that are exploiting you for their own gain or credit. If you need to leave a situation for brighter prospects it is highly recommended at this time.

August is a much saner time for you. Everything will come a bit easier to you including money and the love and appreciation of friends and family. However you are still in danger of attracting unsavory or needy types into your life who may be trying to exploit you in some way.

In September you will feel like shutting yourself away to work on yet another creative project. You may also be quite concerned with expanding your self-awareness. If a health issue that was concerning you earlier this year has not been taken care of then you get a second chance to have it resolved in October.

November brings you a new love and possibly a new set of supportive friends. You will feel a little less like isolating and more confident about selling yourself and your ideas.

By the end of the year you will feel like your life is blossoming. Many nagging issues, some of them years old, will have been resolved and you will feel that your future is quite bright.

Personal Year of 8

This is a year when things seem to finally work out, all by themselves, without too much effort or angst. The 8 year often feels like a big relief to many especially in terms of finances. You have time to relax and focus on expansion and creating your own happiness. You may also be asked to step up to the plate and be a leader of some kind.

In January your focus is going to be on defining your life’s mission and figuring out how best to spend your time. You may be deciding between taking one life path or another and the decision may not be the easy. It is likely that you will be choosing the path that is most financially lucrative.

In February you will be enjoying a fresh start and doing something that you enjoy doing. It is very likely that you will be your own boss or be handed more responsibility than usual but the good news is that you will be paid handsomely for this promotion.

In March many of you will be deciding to tie the knot or you will be hearing good news about a marriage or baby in your family. Socializing with family and friends also becomes more important this spring. In April you will also have many opportunities to social climb so be sure you have your website and business card in good order.

In May you might be faced with a health issue or even a death in the family. It may be more difficult for you to focus than usual. June brings the opportunity to travel either to visit family or to further your business interests. There is not much holidaying for you in July but all of your hard work will be paying off in spades when you get news of a raise or a promotion. In August you can look forward to some time off but you are more likely to spend it at a cottage or closer to home. Your main priority will be to spend some quality time with immediate family and dear friends.

September promises to be very lucrative financially. It is the perfect time for you to invest in real estate or consider starting or expanding your business. In October you will feel like sharing your wealth with the less fortunate; actively becoming involved in charities is in your future. In November you may find yourself running a community project in some kind. You will be taking pride in your new role as a leader or philanthropist.

By the end of the year many of you going through the personal year of 8 will also find yourselves going into the New Year of 2012 with a brand new partner or with the bonds between you and your current love being stronger than ever before.

Personal Year of 9

If you are going through a personal year then you may still be mourning the loss of something big in your life such as a family member, a spouse through divorce or job that you held for a very long time. The good news is that the two and the eight means that even through these challenges you will be embraced by the support of loved ones and you will also not want for money.

In January the New Year will really feel like a new start as you clean house and make room for new things in your life. On a material level this is a good time to give or sell anything that you do not need anymore or get rid of old debts.

By February the “cleaning of house” may extend to your current circle of friends. You may spend most of this Spring getting rid of people who are toxic, addicted or annoying. This might also include a current codependency; a relationship that has gone sour.

In March you may find yourself in a support group or looking for a new group of friends that will bring you psychological support and help you relieve your stress. Taking care of your health is absolutely crucial in April when you may feel depressed or a bit low. Self-pampering is definitely indicated.

May is the ideal time for you to go on a retreat or do a bit of travelling. Singles could meet new people at this time. In June you will also see some travel – possibly for business or to visit your family.

June might be a month in which you feel a bit overwhelmed. You might just want to spend more time alone meditating and working on yourself somehow. Pursuing a fitness plan or new hobby is also recommended.

July promises to be a very prosperous month; but once again you may want to be careful that you do not over-extend yourself or make promises that you cannot keep.

By August you will have another chance to relax. You will also have the opportunity to work on a long-standing relationship issue that may have been avoiding or that may have kept you from taking that relationship to the next level. In September you will be making more decisions regarding this and other matters. You may decide to put a situation that is still not working to rest for good.

In October get the chance to start again with someone. Some of you might be switching a job for one that pays better or starting your own business. In November a new partner of some kind comes your way and offers either moral or financial support.

You will feel balanced and more at peace in December. All in all this is a very spiritual year for year, full of karmic justice and saying good-bye to those things that no longer serve you.

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