Separating Fitness Facts From Fiction

fitness facts

This post from Forbes clears the air on 10 most pervasive and totally wrong fitness myths that have colored the fitness decisions of many. Are you guilty of buying into any of them?

Exercise Can Erase A Bad Diet


Personal trainer Maik Wiedenbach, author of 101 Fitness Myths, says 80% of what you look like is based on your diet.

You Just Need To Tone


Muscle tone is not the problem, says Wiedenbach. You need to lose fat in order to make muscles visible.

Men And Women Need To Exercise Differently


Because both sexes have the same body structures, hormonal differences alone do not warrant drastically different workouts by men and women, says Wiedenbach.

Women Should Do Low Weights, High Reps


Wiedenbach says this one’s really pervasive and totally wrong because in order to change your body shape you need to challenge the muscles. The resistance of 3-lb lady weights is too small to make a major difference.

Always Stretch Before Exercising


While this is the traditional advice, Wiedenbach says stretching before a workout weakens the muscles and may increase the risk of injury. He advises warming up beforehand, and stretching afterwards.

You Can Spot Reduce Fat


Unfortunately this one’s a myth, Wiedenbach says. No matter how many crunches you do, if your overall body fat percentage is too high, you won’t achieve chiseled abs.

You’ll Burn Only Fat At Your Target Heart Rate


The only time you burn fats exclusively is when you’re sleeping, says Wiedenbach. He advises doing interval training–a mix of high and low intensity–to burn more fat.

You’ll Burn More Fat On An Empty Stomach


This may be true, Wiedenbach says, but you’ll also be stripping down muscle, which negates the effort. He advises not exercising on an empty stomach.

Shakes Are Great For Weight Loss


Because they’re liquid and contain cheap protein and not enough fiber, shakes don’t keep you feeling full, says Wiedenbach. Whole foods are the better alternative.

Eat Only The Egg Whites


There’s nothing wrong with the egg yolks, says Wiedenbach. They have vitamins and protein, keep you feeling fuller for longer and do not affect your cholesterol balance negatively.

Source: Exercise Can Erase A Bad Diet – In Photos: 10 Fitness Myths Exposed – Forbes

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